White Opaque Pallet Wrap

White Opaque Pallet Stretch Wrap – (Security Pallet Wrap)
Film Width:  18"
Thickness:  80ga
Roll Length:  1500'
Color:  White Opaque
Rolls per Case:  4 rolls
Cases per Pallet:  36 cases
You are Buying:  36 cases with FREE shipping

Why use Opaque Stretch Pallet Wrap?
The two main areas that companies use opaque pallet stretch film are:
  1. Most opaque stretch film has the additive UVI which prolongs the life of stretch film when pallets are stored outside in the sun and weather.  The fact that it is opaque helps stop the sun from fading the products that are wrapped inside the pallet. 
  2. The other area is pilferage.  Companies wrap there pallets in opaque stretch film so the pallet handlers at the freight companies do not know what the product is.  The old story “out of site out of mind” If the pallet arrives at the destination and something is missing; it is easy to see where the pallet was opened.
Quick Pak Inc has the largest selection of Opaque Security Films in stock.  We stock both black and white opaque in both machine film lengths and hand film lengths. 
20” wide black and white opaque machine films (64 and 80ga).
15” and 18” width Hand films (64, 80 and 115ga).
Securi-Wrap is a strong and durable stretch film that comes off the roll smoothly. We are your single source for all your security wrap needs.
More information at:  quickpakinc.com 
or email us at: sales@quickpakinc.com
Your Price: $57.00/case delivered with free freight on 36 case orders.

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