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Resin Pricing and Hurricane Harvey in Houston

The spot resin markets were generally slow this past week, then the market began to pick up as Hurricane Harvey began to form and threaten the heart of the Houston area Petrochemical industry. A small flurry of activity ensued as buyers, fearing disruptions, sought to secure additional material as an inventory buffer. All commodity grades of Polyethylene and Polypropylene rose $.005/lb, and as the week drew to a close, resin suppliers were pulling offers off the table pending the storm situation.

Ahead of Harvey’s landfall, Petrochemical complexes began to take precautionary matters by shutting down numerous facilities including crackers, refineries, resin reactors, as well as logistics related shipping channels, ports, warehouses, railways and roads, which together, will absolutely impact resin supply - the full magnitude of which cannot be determined as the storm system remains active.
Harvey hit the Houston area Friday night as a huge Category 4 Hurricane, dumping rain that is est…

Understanding Stretch Pallet Wrap

With so many manufacturers misusing stretch wrap vocabulary, it can often be difficult to understand the true meaning of these terms. To help consumers understand the real meaning, we listed a few of the most commonly misused terms in the packaging industry.  In doing so, we hope to educate consumers so as to not be fooled by deceptive terminology when evaluating stretch wrap options.

Pre-stretch is the process of elongated film to a percentage of its original length. The advantage of operating with pre-stretch is that it provides great load stability and allows you consume less film per pallet. Below are two different methods to obtain pre-stretch.
Pre-stretched stretch film is film that is stretched during the manufacturing process prior to being wound up in rolls for stretch film application. The majority of pre-stretched stretch film is applied using hand wrap dispensers.
Another means of obtaining pre-stretch film is by elongated it using the motorized pre-stretch capabilities o…

About PE Shrink Bundling Film

Our 3-layer Polyethylene (PE) Shrink Bundling Film provide excellent tensile strength and puncture resistance for packaging along with superior shrink consistency of 60-80% (MD) and 0-20% (TD) performance. This film is ideal for bundling and automated packaging with bullesyes heat tunnels closure. 
Width ranges from 10 inches to 68 inches with 1.5 Mil to 3.0 Mil thickness. With a wide range of bundling and unitizing applications—everything from bottled water to oversized stacks of ceiling tiles.

Companies looking to achieve a more sustainable, economical packaging solution often use shrink bundling films as a substitute for boxes, cartons or trays. These sturdy, conformable films are commonly used to package bottles, cans or similar multi-count products. The use of shrink bundling film as outer packaging not only eliminates excess packaging, it also speeds up and streamlines the entire packaging and product handling process.
Products are protected while also remaining visible—making …

CDI Reports - No change in PVC or PE resin pricing in August.

The spot resin market slowed; the pace of completed transactions and the associated volumes fell below average. While done deals were well-spread amongst commodity resins and as common, the bulk was focused in the film grades. Polyethylene prices were at a minimum steady and most grades moved higher.

Polypropylene gained a cent amid spotty availability. Producers continue to pursue their August price increases; they are seeking $.03/lb for PE and they are looking to advance PP by at least $.03/lb. Resin exports out of Houston seem to be improving, with good demand coming from Latin America.

Resin requests from the Asian region have also been flowing in, spurred by their rapidly rising monomer costs, but general resin price expectations remain below workable levels for high volume incremental sales.

With CDI showing flat for August - will be hard for resin and stretch film producers to get that increase.

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Inteplast AmTopp Stretch Film announcement of a Sept 1st price increase at 4%.

Increase:             On Friday September 1st / Orders Placed.
What is driving this increase:  It’s the RESIN COMPANIES pushing for a series of what they classify as a supply based (tight supply) market resin cost increases.  They are actually pushing for 2 increases (back to back).
AmTopp felt compelled and responsible to provide written notice to customers, just in case. Please place your orders for your September film needs IN ADVANCE of this announced Sept. 1st increase.

***** Notes on this increase *****
Only AmTopp, Intertape and MalPack have announced this Sept 1st price increase.
The other 4 major stretch producers chose NOT to follow and announce this increase.
This increase has a REAL POSSIBLITY to get DELAYED or even CANCELLED.  Probably delayed.
CDI resin index publishes this Friday August 25th we will know then about this increase status.
I will send an update on this increase status.
Please look at your film needs and place film orders prior to next Friday Sept 1st, bet…

Bubble Out Bags with Self Seal Lip.

4" X 5-1/2" + 1" LIP AND TAPE BUBBLE BAGBubble Out Bag - Clear Self Seal. Our bubble-out bags are made in the USA using a 3/16" bubble height. This product line has bubble on the outside with a smooth non-abrasive, non-corrosive interior. Dimensions listed are inside dimensions; first dimension is bag width followed by bag height. Each bag as a 1" lip with a reusable pressure sensitive closure.

Bubble Out Bags are not designed to be used as outer packaging. They serve as added protection for your products and then get inserted into the outer packaging (mailer, box, etc.). Save time by eliminating the hassle of cutting and taping bubble wrap around your items. Simply insert your product into a bubble out bag and seal the adhesive closed. Smooth interior makes inserting and removing product easy. Peel-and-seal closure eliminates the need for tape and scissors. High Profile 3/16" bubble provides extra protection during transit. Go Green: 100% Recyclable. Dimensio…

Resin maker announces September price increase.

Resin maker announces September price increase. Read Letter - (DOW)

THIS JUST IN:LLDPE stretch Resin flat in July – No change
PVC pricing in July (foodfilm) - No Change
Trade Analyst July 2017

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1/2" x 60 yds. (144 roll Pack) Black Strapping Tape

1/2" X 60YD (12MM X 55M) BLACK STRAPPING TAPE 1 case = 144 rolls

Product Details Extra heavy-duty for the most demanding applications. 1/2" x 60 yds. (144 roll Pack) Black Strapping Tape. Extra heavy-duty for the most demanding applications. Great for heavy-duty bundling applications. Formulated to provide very good oily metal adhesion. Provides excellent moisture, abrasion and scuff resistance.  Presto 105 Black Strapping Tape1/2" x 60 yds (12mm x 55m).105 Presto Black MOPP Strapping TapeNatural Rubber AdhesiveHeavy Duty PP Tape

Best Bubble Wrap

This guide will help you choose the best size of bubble wrap to protect the items that you package and ship.

First, a couple of comments on the way that bubble wrap is sized.  Bubble wrap comes in four (4) standard sizes;  1/8", 3/16", 5/16", and 1/2".  The size refers to the height of the bubble and not the diameter.  1/8" is a less common size and it is called "super small" bubble.  3/16" is called small, 5/16" is medium, and 1/2" is called large bubble.  Common retail roll widths are 12" and 24" and the rolls are typically perforated every 12".
If you are packaging delicate, fragile items then wrap your items with super small or small bubble wrap or put the item into a pouch made from small bubble.  Click here for pouches made from small bubble wrap.
For increased protection wrap the item with several layers of bubble and tape it into place.  Always wrap the top of the bubbles against your item for the best protect…

48" X 3/16" X 500' BUBBLE WRAP

48" X 3/16" X 500' BUBBLE WRAP (NO SLIT / NO PERF)Up Charges - 10% for perforations other than 6" or 12"  Minimum Perf is 6" Slitting Up Charges - 10% for slits less than 12"  Minimum Slit is 6"
BUBBLEplus™ is a versatile packing material that can be used to wrap virtually any type of product. Its superior burst strength offers reliable protection for your products, absorbing shock and cushioning them against impact during shipping. Available in customized 48" width rolls, BUBBLEplus™ can be slit, perforated and provided in roll lengths to meet your specifications.
•Superior burst strength and puncture resistance provides maximum product protection
•Light weight keeps shipping cost to their minimum
•Pliable and flexible to contour easily to product shape protecting edges and corners
•Reusable and recyclable
•CFC Free product does not deplete the ozone layer
•Good clarity making your product visible within the wrap
•Excellent a…