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Revolution Steel Safety Bollards

The Revolution Steel Safety Bollards were designed specifically for protecting packaging equipment and stretch pallet wrapping machines and other various warehouse equipment from scratches, dents, damage, and employees from accidents, by creating a vertical physical barrier from fork and pallet trucks.

With the Revolution Steel Safety Bollards in place, they allow the operator to have access to the machine for loading new rolls of stretch film and machine controls without climbing over any barrier. Strong protection is provided by a steel tube, measuring 4-1/2” x 36”, welded to a 8" x 8" x 3/8" base plate, topped with a steel cap. Revolution Steel Safety bollards are available in custom heights: 26” / 46” / 56” (minimum order applies).
Also used for protecting loading dock doors, in-plant office corners, walls, equipment and machines from accidental damage.Revolution Steel Safety Bollards provide a solid layer barrier between moving hazards and locations requiring pr…

Litewrapper Dispenser and Film

Below is the feedback I received from the inbound team.

1. The dispenser was very easy to use.
2. The stretch wrap held better than the current shrink wrap we are using
3. The associates like the fact that they could walk forward instead of walking backwards which is a great safety feature.
4. The pallets were wrapped quicker due to the shrink wrap being pre-stretched so they don't lose the width of wrap.
5. The associates were able to wrap taller pallets because of the dispenser.
6. Associates did not have to bend over as much and NO burning hands.
7. Some associates were using too much wrap because they were used to using the current wrap.
Over-all they like the new wrap and the Litewrapper.I like the fact that I can get the system with paper cores or coreless which is less waste to dispose of.
See the system in action or buy the starter kit:
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Using Litewrapper XT Pallet Wrapping System


Pallet Handling Equipment and Pallet Levelers

Quick Pak Inc offers Southworth’s the industry's most complete line of pallet levelers, pallet lifting equipment and pallet handling products. The flagship is the PalletPal Spring Level Loader, the product that revolutionized manual pallet loading and unloading in North America. PalletPal Spring Level Loaders are simple devices that keep loads at an ideal height for building or breaking down pallet loads. 

The original PalletPal Spring Level Loader was introduced by Southworth in 1988 and has been continuously improved since then. In addition to the PalletPal Spring Leveler the line of pallet levelers and pallet handling equipment has grown to include a wide variety of products including Airbag Levelers, Operator Controlled Levelers, Pallet Truck Accessible Levelers, Pallet Lift Tables and more, all designed to make pallet handling faster, safer and easier.
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Cover ALL Dispenser and Top Sheets


Cover ALL Dispenser and Top Sheets



PELASPAN® PAC Loose Fill offers safe, simple, and flexible protection for your goods, regardless of how big or heavy they are. That’s because the pourable packing material is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS, also Styrofoam), which fills all the void and reliably protects products – even when exposed to heavy strain. Due to their S-shape, the PELASPAN® PAC peanuts interlock to create a coherent cushion that blocks, braces, and stabilizes your goods and prevents them from knocking against each other.

The benefits of this padding material are: They’re easy to use and versatile, affordable and antistatic, and can be stored for an indeterminate amount of time. They’re also highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, germs, and water. Made from EPS, PELASPAN® PAC packaging peanuts are recyclable, do not pollute groundwater, and are manufactured without CFCs. Loose Fill can also be integrated into existing processes with ease. Upon request, Quick Pak’s packaging specialists can develo…