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Amtopp Prestretched 15 x 30mu x 1476 Hand Wrap Deal


Revolution ST High Speed Pallet Wrapper Tension System


New Resin Supply Coming on Line from Exxon.

Packaging News


And so it begins – LLDPE flows
ExxonMobil Chemical Company announced today that it has commenced production on the first of two new 650,000 tons-per-year high-performance polyethylene lines at its plastics plant in Mont Belvieu, Texas. The full project, part of the company's multi-billion dollar expansion project in the Baytown area and ExxonMobil's broader Growing the Gulf expansion initiative, will increase the plant's polyethylene capacity by approximately 1.3 million tons per year. The Mont Belvieu plant capacity will total more than 2.5 million tons per year, making it one of the largest polyethylene plants in the world. These performance polyethylene products will deliver significant sustainability benefits enabling lighter weight higher performance packaging, lower energy consumption and reduced emissions. A significant portion of Mont Belvieu polyethylene will be exported from the Port of Houston later this month. At peak, the site wi…

Stretch Film Pricing For November and December 2017

UPDATE: 1)            Lead Times a.            Huge inventory items at our warehouses in FL, GA and CA b.            NEW order lead times are ranging 4 weeks custom, next day from stock c.            PRODUCTION is running GREAT. d.            Production is catching up slowly, we will be trending BETTER week to week. e.            Estimate:  we will be dug out and back to “normal business” by mid-December 2)            MARKET UPDATE: a.            We are at the 2017 HIGH PRICE of the market right now. b.            Increases:  September 9th – 3-4%, now October 16th – 4-5% are in effect.  These both are HURRICANE and SUPPLY DISRUPTION related…. c.            Leading Competitors just announced a mid November 5-6% increase (3rd) --- still a long way to go for that. d.            December outlook:  price drop “could” start end of month.  Certainly by January.
e.            2018 Outlook:  a “gradual” decline of market cost over 12 months due to massive NEW resin capacity coming on line.

Stretch Film Pricing News.

Outlook:  The Sept 3% + the Oct 5%, totaling 8%, WILL COME OFF quickly in December.  Few are arguing that outlook, too much resin capacity coming on in market and the 8% is tied to the hurricane disruptions.  45 days and we are back to something that looks normal.
2018 Resin Outlook:  A general decline in price over the entire year, an additional 10-12%.

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Spare Parts for Heat Sealers

With a full range of heat sealer spare parts from Quick Pak Inc.   Comprehensive spare part kits for basic and heavy duty sealers;Replacement heating elements for all variants;Replacement impulse heat sealer parts (elements);Substitute upper and lower PTFE strips;Sealing wire;Spare cutting blades New handles.
Aside from basic table top variants for closing polythene packaging and lay flat tubing, we also stock heavy duty and hand held sealers so we’ve got you covered whether your needs are personal or industrial. Whichever model you choose, you will be sure to find all the heat sealer spare parts you could need at Quick Pak Inc. See all the models here: Impulse Bag and Poly Sealers

Stretch Wrap Price Increases - get ready for round two!

Looks like another increase is just around the corner.  October 16th the stretch manufacturers are going for round two.  The crazy lead times they are offering up (4-8 weeks plus).  On top of that they want to limit order sizes. 

Quick Pak Inc has many truckloads of hand and machine film in stock for next day shipping from all three locations with none of the increases added.
-Machine Grade Stretch Wrap
-Hand Wrap (case packed and bulk packed)
-Tinted and Opaque Hand and Machine Grade
This Weeks Special Product / Price:
15” x 30ga x 1476’ Prestretched Hand Wrap (case packed – 48 cases) - $15.80/case 17” x 30ga x 1476’ Prestretched Hand Wrap (case packed – 48 cases) - $17.90/case
Minimum order is 1 pallet (48 cases) – FOB FL Warehouse.

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Stretch & Shrink Film Market in the US


Stretch & Shrink Film Market in the US
A good business to be in.

Demand for stretch and shrink film is expected to grow 3.7% annually to $4.0 billion in 2021. Greater warehousing and shipping activity will drive gains for products like pallet wrap and stretch hoods, as will resin and machinery innovations that have resulted in more efficient pallet wrapping. Ongoing shifts in product packaging, such as a trend toward high quality graphics, will continue to fuel growth for stretch and shrink film products.

Trade Report/Analysis October 2017

Printed Stretch Pallet Wrap

Printed Stretch Pallet Wrap provides a cost effective medium to identify, protect and advertise your product. Many companies have taken advantage of eliminating pilferage of their product while at the same time reinforcing brand and company identification both in transit and in customer’s inventory.
Quick Pak Inc is uniquely positioned to offer custom printing with low minimums backed by years of experience. We can print a variety of widths from 2” to 20” in a range of gauges in one or two colors.

In addition we have a range of stock prints readily available in inventory (FRAGILE, RED HOT RUSH, DO NOT BREAK DOWN PALLET and many others). 
Our printed stretch pallet wrap……..TALKS! -Prevents Theft -Stock Prints Available -Protects and Identifies Products -Range of Sizes -Helps Inventory Control -Multi-color Custom Printing -Saves Money (No Labels) -Low Minimums -Reinforces Brand Image -Bold print for Distance Identification.

See examples here.

Truckloads of Stretch Pallet Wrap with NO PRICE Increases

Large Inventory of Stretch Pallet Wrap in both hand and machine grade in stock for next day shipping.  We also have truckloads of shrink bundling film and there are NO price increases on this material. 

 Many truckloads of stretch film available.  order now and don't get caught with paying higher prices.

More info or to order call 813 242 6995 or visit us here: 

Resin Companies Pushing Hard for Price Increases.

Packaging News

THIS JUST IN:LLDPE stretch resin today – estimated to inscrease 2c/lb
Third increase pending (stay tuned)
PVC pricing in September (foodfilm) estimated to roll flat - No change
Trade Analyst September 2017

Stretch film increase #2 announced (Sigma) (Amtopp) (Berry) (Paragon) (Western Plastics) (Intertape)
September 2017

LLDPE stretch resin increase #2 announced (Exxon Mobil) (Dow)
September 6 2017

Stretch film makers announce September price increase.Read letters (Sigma) (Paragon) (Berry) (Western Plastics)
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Revolution Fork Truck Wheel Stop


Forklift Wheel Stop for Protecting Packaging Equipment


Revolution Fork Truck Wheel Stop is designed for the Revolution line of pallet stretch wrappers.  This wheel stop will protect the stretch wrapper getting hit by the forklift every time a pallet is loaded and unloaded from the turntable. 

Improve plant safety and efficiency with Revolution Fork Truck Wheel Stop by reducing the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions with the Revolution Pallet Stretch Wrapper or any other packaging equipment. The Revolution Fork Truck Wheel Stop installs in minutes with ordinary hand tools and concrete drill. Safety fork truck wheel Stop system protect personnel, machinery, Conveyors and building structures.
Specifications: 41” Long x 6" Wide x 2-5/16” High Top Angle Heavy Duty Steel Pre-Drilled with 4 Mounting Holes Powder Coated Safety Yellow Made in Florida, USA
Custom colors available – charges will apply.
*Will work with…