Right Stretch Film For The Pallets I Wrap.

Gauge is the most common measure of the thickness of stretch wrap film (sometimes also measured in microns). For example 100 gauge = 25.4 microns = .0254mm = .001in. The higher the gauge number, the thicker the film. So for example a 100 gauge stretch wrap is thicker than 80 gauge, 60 gauge and so on.
LOAD TYPE: First we can look at load type which can be a determining factor in stretch wrap gauge.
Lighter gauge (40-80 Gauge) Stretch Wrap Films are typically required for:
  • Lighter loads, such as foam products, or light food products (snack foods like chips, etc)
  • Even, square loads (also known as A-loads)
  • Little to no puncture potential
Heavier gauge (90-135 Gauge) Stretch Wrap Films are typically required for:
  • Heavy loads, such as fasteners, machine parts, bags of mortar or mulch, etc.
  • Uneven loads with more corners and angles (also known as B- or C-loads)
  • Greater puncture potential
LOAD WEIGHT: Second we can look at load weight which can also help determine in stretch wrap gauge.
  • For loads Up to 1,600 lbs: Recommended Stretch Wrap Gauge: 40-60 Gauge
  • For loads Up to 2,000 lbs: Recommended Stretch Wrap Gauge: 70 Gauge
  • For loads Up to 2,500 lbs: Recommended Stretch Wrap Gauge: 80 Gauge
  • For loads Up to 3,000 lbs: Recommended Stretch Wrap Gauge: 90 Gauge
  • For loads Over 4,000 lbs: Recommended Stretch Wrap Gauge: 120-150 Gauge

An Alternative to the Standard 80 Gauge Stretch Wrap
Gauge Equivalent stretch wrap is the next generation in cast stretch film extrusion technology. The U.S. market is seeing a shift in the stretch film industry to lighter, stronger pallet wrap in both hand and machine grade film. Many top manufacturers have indicated that within 3 - 5 years the 80 gauge will no longer be sold in the market place because of current soaring cost to produce film. We offer and alternative the HYBRiD80.  This line will give you a break from high priced (me too 80 gauge) standard hand and machine stretch wrap. HYBRiD80 is a multi-layered cast film with a metallocene additive that has a high resistance to stretch for superior load retention that will perform as well as an 80 gauge film. It’s sold in a range of 20% -30%+ savings under conventional 80 gauge wrap.

Ultimately, the thickness needed is subjective. Samples film, when available, is ideal to determine what works best for your needs. Stretch Wrap is typically available in gauges ranging from 40ga - 150ga. Whether you are looking for commodity packaging stretch films or value added specialty film, we are eager to exceed your expectations. Our knowledge staff will help you select the right plastic film at the lowest possible cost.
More info:  www.quickpakinc.com


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