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Corrugated Sheets and Cores for Packing

About our range of cardboard sheets:

Depending on your preferred method of storage and shipping, Quick Pak Inc features a wide range of cardboard sheets, all of which provide durable protection and reliable lining for objects with fragile exteriors. Cardboard sheeting is available in both single and double walled constructions, both of which feature a unique, corrugated cardboard construction.
Whatever the size of your business, the experts at Quick Pak Inc are here to help. For customers placing larger, high-volume orders, we are delighted to offer numerous bulk pricing discounts as well as wholesale pricing options for large organizations. If you have any questions about our cardboard sheets, we are here to help! Our dedicated professional service experts can answer any questions you may have about our cardboard sheeting products.
There are so many items which need special care when being transported, and that's why we offer a comprehensive range of top quality cardboard sheets…

Pallets Double Stacked in a Truck Without Airbags

This is what happens when you have well packed pallets with loads of stretch wrap and a few bands of PET strapping keeping the product on the pallet and the freight company double stacks the pallets without proper bracing with airbags, load bars or straps. 

Stacking pallets inside trucks without taking the time to brace them in place will only cost you more in the long run.  All this packaging has to be replaced and the pallets re-stacked.  The finished cost to do this will be $300-500.  
For more information on how to prevent this from happening to your pallets, contact us at: PH: 813 242 6995

Pallet Wrapper Free with Stretch Wrap Order

Quick Pak Inc is proud to introduce the new Revolution HD our HEAVY DUTY Series, the latest addition to the Revolution Line of quality built stretch wrapping machines.  
The new Revolution HD has been designed to provide the same standards of durability, reliability and performance as the rest of the Revolution line.
It is by far the most cost competitive power pre-stretch machine in its class, with a maximum turntable speed of 15 RPM.

Revolution HD Power Prestretch Machine free of charge with Film Order:
Buy 200 rolls (5 pallets): 20" x 80ga x 5000' - 40 rolls per pallet
Cost: $72.00/roll x 200 rolls = $14,400 Total
The Revolution HD Power Prestretch Wrapper is FREE to you.
** Freight and a $250 crating charge apply to the machine **  
Built Tough with Heavy Duty steel for industrial applications. No plastic panels or covers to crack and fall apart. No belts to wear and dry out. This is the TANK of stretch wrappers (all chains and steel).
The Revolution HD model is well-suited for lo…


Lightest weight industrial grade air pillow machine on the market!
Will run three air pillow sizes: 8x4, 8x8, 8x12 (all in inches) • Film speeds: - Runs 8x4 and 8x8 film at 85 ft. per minute - Runs 8x12 at 80 ft. per minute - Runs bubble-on-demand at 60 ft. per minute • Bubble-on-demand: - No need for preproduction bins or overheads - On demand capability with use of foot pedal - Runs on same machine — pre-programs air fill with the push of a button
• Pre-programmed fill settings for multiple air pillow sizes and bubble-on-demand. Can switch from one pillow size to another with the push of a button and quick roll change.
Modular maintenance: All working parts are housed in slide in/slide out module that can be replaced in less than thirty seconds. No online down time for machine maintenance or replacement.
• Easy on/off function touch screen with multilingual prompts. Operational setting functions are accessed by punch code to prevent setting changes by packers.
• Total machine weigh…

Belco ST1808 Heat Tunnel

Another new install of Belco ST1808 heat tunnel by Quick Pak Inc.
The Belco ST1808 Fan Style / Convection Oven Shrink Tunnels feature tubular steel frame construction and come in three chamber sizes to meet most customer requirements. Variable speed fan controls allow complete adjustment of air flow to the top and bottom of your package. The Watlow micro-processor-based temperature control maintains precise tunnel temperature which assures consistent, high quality packages.
Voltage - 208 to 230 V Phase - Single Current - 30 A Conveyor Height - 32.5 to 36 in Tunnel Dim. (W) - 18 in Tunnel Dim. (L) - 24 in Tunnel Dim. (H) - 8 in Shipping Weight - 350 lbs Machine Dim. (W) - 28 in Machine Dim. (L) - 41 in Machine Dim. (H) - 57 in Manufacturer – BELCO.
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