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Nichrome Wire, Seal Pad


Heavy Duty Serrated Seal for Polyester Strap 8PG0625S 5M


CDI Showing Resin Pricing Down 3 Cents in Jan 2016

Trade group reports in January
PVC - down $.01/lb
PE - down$.03/lb

"PE resin markets proved a bit challenging this past week, particularly the balance between sellers’ desire to limit losses against buyers’ sometimes unrealistic price expectations."
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Great Packaging Tips from Quick Pak Inc

Corrugated and Cost Effective Packaging Ideas.

Use a NEW corrugated box—NOT an old one. When you reuse a box, it becomes less durable. Do not overfill a box. Overfilling will direct pressure to the walls of the box which could result in damage to both the box and your product.  Many packers smash down paper or loose fill to close the box or fit more material inside. However, this compresses the material, making it less effective in protecting your products. More importantly, using excess packaging material means spending unnecessary money.
Do not under-fill a box. Under filling a box could result in possible damage to your product. Make sure the product you are shipping is secure. If it feels loose in the box, either add more packaging material or double check to ensure that you have correctly wrapped the product.
The 2-inch rule: In most cases, use at least 2 inches of packaging material around the product and be sure that the product is at least 2 inches from the walls of the box. …

Revolution Film Attachment For Printed Pallet Wrap


Strapping Machine FREE with Pallet Order of Strapping Material

1/2" X 275 LBS X 9000' WHITE POLY STRAPPINGFREE Revolution TT Strapping Machine

The 1/2" x 275 Lbs x 9000' white embossed machine grade polypropylene strap on 8" x 8" core is made for use with table top strapping machines. Embossed poly strapping highly split resistant and straps quickly. PAC Strapping part Number: 48M.27.2290 Embossed 250 lbs. Brake Strength .021 Thick This Machine Grade Polypropylene Strapping works great in tabletop, semi-automatic strapping machine applications. *Strapping is embossed for reduced splitting, greater flexibility and better seal joint efficiency in heat seal machines. Buy 24 coils of this strap and you get the Revolution Table Top Strapping FREE. Revolution TT Strapping Machine A low cost solution to your strapping needs. The Revolution  TT is designed for general purpose semi-automatic strapping. Although it is our lowest priced strapping machine, the low cost does not come at the expense of quality, consistency or reliability.  …

Revolution Table Top Strapping Machine


Revolution Robot PS Wrapper


Polyethylene Pricing Still Weak!

Polyethylene Pricing Still Weak!

Spot Polyethylene trading was busy; material availability was high and prices fell $.02/lb. Suppliers were out aggressively marketing their uncommitted inventories, eager to take a quick loss and restock with cheaper material. 
Processors picked away with just small orders as needed, confident that lower prices lay ahead. While some producers are still officially trying to implement their $.05/lb increase - which has consistently failed since Oct ..

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Free Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine from Quick Pak Inc

Quick Pak Inc is proud to introduce the all New Revolution FR Pallet Wrapper.  It's the latest addition to the Revolution Line of quality built stretch wrapping machines.
Just as the name says - this Revolution Free Pallet Wrapper is FREE to you when you buy 200 rolls of our HYBRiD Plus  Machine film.  
Here is the deal:  Revolution FF Pallet Wrapper = FREE
You buy 200 rolls (5 pallets) of: 19" x 5000' HYBRiD Plus Converted Machine Film
Cost: $44.00/roll x 200 = $8,800 Total.  
We have just made is so easy for you to stop wrapping pallets by hand and put an end to the suffering.  Start using your own Revolution FR Pallet Wrapper and enjoy pallets wrapped by machine.  Say goodbye to the hardship of hand wrapping, poorly wrapped pallets, product damage and freight claims. 

The new Revolution FR Pallet Wrapper has been designed to provide the same standards of durability, reliability and performance as the rest of the Revolution line. It is by far the most cost competitive machine…

Why Use Airflow Vented Pallet Stretch Wrap


Resin and Plastics Pricing Still Weak!

"resin markets activity increased as the week wore"
"General resin market sentiment was bearish given the overwhelmingly negative movement in world equity, energy and commodity markets."

"The Ethylene market was only lightly traded and prices were softer as the 2016 market got underway."

"Polyethylene trading began to heat up again as participants returned from vacations."

"Processors have had little fear that the 4th attempt at the $.05/lb increase would find any traction in Jan, and indeed, several producers already pushed the increase back to Feb."

"However, given the bearish state of the energy and feedstock markets and the huge discount that the Houston PE market holds to domestic prices, we do not think that a rollover will cut it again in Jan."

"In order to better reflect current Polyethylene market conditions and spot domestic railcar pricing, we feel that a contract decrease of $.03 -.05/lb is reasonable this month.&q…

Revolution Robot PS Wrapper


Quick Packaging News: 1/2" X 600 LBS X 7200' POLY STRAPPING

Quick Packaging News: 1/2" X 600 LBS X 7200' POLY STRAPPING: 1/2" X 600 LBS X 7200' POLY STRAPPING Polypropylene strapping is particularly developed for applications with high elongation,...

1/2" X 600 LBS X 7200' POLY STRAPPING

1/2" X 600 LBS X 7200' POLY STRAPPINGPolypropylene strapping is particularly developed for applications with high elongation, good retained tension and efficient seal joints. It is an affordable and efficient strap to secure your products.
The fine embossed surface structure of the PP straps guarantees an optimal and trouble-free processing on both friction weld strapping tools and standard mechanical tools available in the market. Available in both WHITE and BLACK - Please note at time of order. SKU:511231ECW720BX Your Price $45.40 per coil.
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