Red Tinted Pallet Stretch Wrap Identi Film HYB23 for Product Coding

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Color Tinted Pallet Stretch Wrap – (Identi Film Color Coding Pallet Wrap)

Film Width:  18"
Thickness:  64ga
Roll length:  1500'
Color: RED
Rolls per Case: 4 rolls
Cases per Pallet:  36 cases
You are Buying: 36 cases of Identi Film with FREE Shipping

Stretch Film on 3" Cores.

Identi Film Tinted Stretch wrap comes in a variety of colors to provide easy identification, product coding, dating, and in many cases tamper-proof evidence. Color coding can also prevent unwanted reloading and cross docking of freight by helping you stay better organized while improving your load appearance! Extended core hand grade stretch film eliminates the need for a dispenser by providing you with an easy to grip extended core. 

Ready to use right out of the box, our extended core stretch wrap is no-hassle and disposable after use.

1.      Easy Load Identification
2.      Tamper Proof evidence
3.      Product and Transit Coding
4.      Improved Appearance

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