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Stretch Film and Plastics Resin Pricing Falling in May 2017

LLDPE stretch Resin down 3 c/lb in May PVC pricing in May (food film) - No Change Trade Analyst May 2017

LLDPE Price Increase Pushed Out:
Exxon Mobil has issued a letter effectively pushing back the intended implementation of the remaining $.03/lb of the original $.06/lb Polyethylene increase that partially took hold in March. Instead of adding the last $.03/lb in April, they will now shoot for May. Expect other PE producers to follow suit. Trade Reports April 2017
Quick Pak Inc continues to offer a range of down-gauged, high performance films designed to keep your film costs low. The expanded HYBRiD80 line of film is available in:
HYBRiD80 Banding Films
HYBRiD80 Hand and Machine Films
HYBRiD80 Wide Web Films
Color Films
Extended Core Films
HYBRiD80 Engineered Films
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Coreless Stretch Machine Film - Did you know?

Coreless stretch film technology is an innovation in environmental source reduction well suited for an eco-conscious consumer and organizations with sustainability goals.
It is a light weight coreless hi-performance stretch machine film that can optimize pallet coverage with maximum load holding.
Better for the Environment Eliminates paperboard core, film is 100% recyclable, reduced energy consumption in transportation & storage costs.
Reduce Storage & Disposal Costs: No cardboard core means no associated storage or disposal costs.
Coreless means roll weight is reduced by up to 15%.
Less Waste: No wasted film left on the core. Every last foot of stretch film is utilized.
Cost Effective:  All coreless items are more efficient when compared to conventional wraps.

Advantages of Coreless Machine Stretch Wrap:
The main advantages of the coreless innovation to the end user can be summarized as: •   Reduced weight of the product. •   Reduced weight and volume of the product for ship…

Stretch Machine Pallet Wrap WITHOUT a Paper Core.


Chem Data Report May 2017 LLDPE

Subject: Chem Data Report - May 2017 LLDPE

May CDI is out and estimates $.03 down on LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE. This has been confirmed as the market position by more than one of our resin suppliers but not all. That being said, I don’t see how this does not become the eventual market position for May.
PP is being posted at down $.075.
See below the resin moves we’ve had this year.

We had resin increases of $.05 in February and $.03 in March. There was a pending $.03 increase for May 1st that has been pushed out to June 1st. In addition to delaying the above $.03 May 1st increase, the market appears to be dropping $.03 May 1st. This would leave the $.05 increase from February as the only movement we’ve had in resin pricing this year.  More pricing information here:

Loadstar Plus Ultra Performance Cast Machine Stretch Wrap

LoadStar Plus stretch film is a highly engineered multiple-layered film with a superior premium resin formulation.
It is produced on AmTops state-of-the-art, multi-layer extrusion equipment.  LoadStar Plus performs at unsurpassed stretch levels. It can exceed 300% pre-stretch on A and B load profiles and provides consistent performance at the lowest unit cost
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Your cost is $29.90 per roll delivered free freight for 50 rolls / 1 pallet.

20” x 55ga x 5000’ Cast Machine Wrap.  

Amtopp Loadstar Plus Cast Machine Pallet Stretch Wrap

20" X 55GA X 5000' CAST MACHINE FILMAmtopp's LoadStar stretch film is a highly engineered multiple-layered film with a superior premium resin formulation and is produced on AmTopp's state-of-the-art, nine-layer extrusion equipment at its world-class manufacturing facility in Texas and NC.
LoadStar performs at unsurpassed stretch levels. It exceeds 300% pre-stretch on A and B load profiles and provides consistent performance at the lowest unit cost. LoadStar features an exceptional differential cling package, with superior inside and minimal outside cling. With outstanding strength, puncture resistance and superior load-holding force, LoadStar film handles the toughest loads in any environment. LoadStar is engineered for optimum performance and total versatility. It is the perfect choice for any semi-automatic to high-speed automatic system. With superb clarity and quiet unwind, this film is ideal for any application. 21.67 Lbs Per Roll
50 Rolls Per Pallet
** FREE Shipping O…

Hybrid Plus Machine Stretch Wrap from Quick Pak Inc

HYBRID PLUS – #1 CONVERTED FILM BRAND – READ MORE!HYBRiD Plus film increases wrapping productivity, reduces waste, enhances employee safety, and lowers total pallet wrapping costs. HYBRiD Plus film Necks Down Less, thus significantly decreasing the number of revolutions to wrap a pallet, and HYBRiD Plus continues to contract around the load even after you have finished wrapping. FREE Shipping on pallet orders (40 rolls) Through the HYBRiD Plus manufacturing process, we reinforce the edges of the film so that, the roll completely unwinds, No more throwing away unusable rolls. HYBRiD Plus is light weight and easy to use, plus, the most important part HYBRiD Plus saves you money, because you just use less film! Our stretch film has a great variety of applications. SKU:100125 Your Price: 44.00/roll on 1 pallet delivered.
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Free Pallet Wrapping Machine


The Revolution ST Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper. It’s a value priced semi automatic stretch wrapper. This price competitive workhorse will give you years of trouble free operation. It will solve the problems associated with poorly hand wrapped pallets.

You can now get the Revolution ST Pallet Stretch Wrapper FREE with 200 rolls of our HYBRiD Super Cast Machine Film.

The Revolution represents an advanced design with completely reliable technology in a sleek frame, giving users a rugged machine of unmatched quality.

FREE Pallet Wrapper - with film order.

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20" x 5000' Super Cast Machine Film

40 rolls per pallet.

5 pallets x 40 rolls = 200 rolls @ $44.00 per roll

Total investment = $8,800

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Free Revolution ST Pallet Wrapping Machine With Film Order.



The Model #3235 is the original tamper evident bag sealer on the market. The unit puts a tamper evident seal onto the neck of a poly bag by creating an adhesive to adhesive tape flag seal and then installing a piece of paper liner into the seal. This leaves the ends flared allowing the person who purchased the product to open the bag by grabbing the ends of the tape without damaging the bag. The seal can be re-used and the purchaser knows that when they go to buy the product if the paper liner is ripped or damaged the product was tampered with. The Model #3235 is easy to load, does not require any operator training or tools to make changeovers, unlike other versions of this machine on the market, uses industry standard consumables, can be mounted, and has a bag trimmer to trim any excess bag. 

Machine length 11in., width 3in., height 6.5in., weight 2.5 lbs.
tying capacity: 3/8 dia., operating speed: manual SKU:Bag Sealer 3235 Your Price:$3…

Impulse Bag Sealers from Quick Pak Inc

AIE-400C  - 16 INCH Impulse Sealer
16 inches, 6 mil thickness,2mm width and 750W

The Impulse Sealers with Cutters (C series) consist of 16 inch models. All are equipped with a sliding blade that cuts excess material a quarter of an inch from the seal. The Impulse Sealers with Cutters are excellent in sealing poly-tubing and most plastic materials. Available in seals widths of 2 millimeter. Especially perfect for applications where roll bags or plastic tubing is used.
Specifications: Max. Seal Length : 16 inches 
Max. Material Thickness : 6 mil 
Seal Width : 2 mm 
watts : 750 w 
Weight : 16 lbs Your Cost: 190/each. Order here:

Corrugated and Box Pricing Going up in June 2017

Pricing on Corrugated is on the move up.
PPI Pulp and Paper confirmed the previously announced $50 per ton price increase on linerboard and medium in the April 21st, 2017 issue. This announcement reflects the current price movement in the North American containerboard market.  This movement is a result of high demand in export corrugated linerboard and medium paper products.

As a result of these circumstances, the market will increase pricing by 10% on all boxes and by 12% on all sheets effective June 1st, 2017.
More info here:

Stretch Pallet Wrap and Plastic Pricing on The way Down!


Looks like the April / May increases just went away.  CDI (Chem Data Report) is showing resin prices flat for April.
THIS JUST IN: Resin rolls flat in April
No price changes for LLDPE (STRETCH)
PVC (foodwrap) pricing also remains unchanged for the month
Trade Analyst April 2017

LLDPE Price Increase Pushed Out
Exxon Mobil has issued a letter effectively pushing back the intended implementation of the remaining $.03/lb of the original $.06/lb Polyethylene increase that partially took hold in March. Instead of adding the last $.03/lb in April, they will now shoot for May. Expect other PE producers to follow suit.
Trade Reports April 2017
More pricing information here:


Singleface Corrugated Cardboard Rolls: A Flute, B Flute Corrugated Wrap *Singleface Cardboard Rolls, have one smooth side and one fluted side. *Singleface Cardboard Rolls provide shock absorbing cushioning Single Face Corrugated CardBoard Rolls are the convenient and eco-friendly way to pack just about anything! Forget about packing peanuts or bubble cushioning; cardboard is 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resources on top of being cheaper. There are many different ways to use this product, and it is flexible to protect everything from Books, CDs, DVDs, glass items, and more. It is also very effective for floor protection when moving furniture, or during construction and remodeling. It can also be used to protect furniture in transit or storage. The single face offers far more flexibility that works great for shipping and moving items. Size of flute: 1/8” tallOne roll contains 250ft per rollEco-friendly option for packing/padding itemsClean and quick way to protect floorsKeep…

High Performance 55 gauge Pallet Stretch Wrap in Action!

HYBRiD80 Machine stretch film is made of the highest quality cast stretch wrap and is able to work with all stretch wrapping machines. Machine wrapping your products increases load retention over time and provides higher puncture resistance. Our Cast stretch film is high clarity, making it easy to see information printed on products such as labels and barcodes. Cast film is also very quiet in comparison to blown films and will greatly reduce excess warehouse noise. Quiet, Reduces excess warehouse nose
Highly Visable for easy Identification
Cling for added stability Seen in action time to buy and save.  Many gauges available in stock at Quick Pak Inc

HYBRiD80 High Performance 55 Gauge Machine Film.


What is Stretch Pallet Wrap?

Stretch film is a plastic film used to secure, bundle, and stabilize products. Stretch film is made from linear low-density polyethylene. When applying the film is to be pulled and stretched around products to obtain tight and secured product loads. Stretch film comes in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colors.  We offer multiple varieties of stretch film to choose from in a wide array of widths and thicknesses. All of our stretch wrap film is made from virgin material ensuring the highest quality possible. Shop four easily navigable sections: *Hand Stretch Film- Most of our hand film comes with a standard 3" core that will fit most any hand dispensers.
Choose everything from clear to colored and even anti static stretch wrap film. *Extended Core Stretch Film- Offers built in handles that are great for companies that need to wrap something on the go. The built in handles are ideal for low volume out put or mobile stretch wrap applications. *Bundling Stretch Film- Considered any…

PE Shrink Bundling Film Used for Wrapping Flat Bundles of Pizza Boxes

Cling-Tite Polyethylene shrink bundling film is a heavy duty bundling film used for heavy duty packaging applications. All shrink bundling film rolls are single wound. This means they are wound flat onto the core.

Cling-Tite Shrink bundling film can be used on semi-automatic and fully automatic shrink bundlers.
Cling-Tite was designed to wrap flat bundles of pre-printed corrugated pizza boxes. All films are made from FDA grade virgin resins.  All rolls are individually wrapped, stacked horizontal on cradles and packed 9 rolls per pallet.
50" x .00125 x 5600' SWS CLEAR PE Shrink Film
Pin Perf vented: 3" x 3" pin-perf, 3" ID core 10.77" Max roll OD 142.33 Lbs per roll 9 rolls per pallet stacked horizontally on cradles Pallet Weight: 1,280 lbs approx.

More info here:

PE Shrink Bundling Film for Wrapping Pizza Boxes.


Spring time at Quick Pak Inc.


Amtopp EP Series Machine Film - free shipping on two pallet orders

AmTopp EP High-Performance Machine Film is engineered for all general purpose applications up to 250% stretch.  
This EP Series stretch film offers excellent puncture and tear resistance, with high clarity and stretch. AmTopp 
High Performance Machine Film performs on a maximum 250%-geared stretch wrapper.  It features an differential cling package, with superior inside and minimal outside cling. This cast, co-extruded film is excellent for use on conventional machinery on all load types, including both hot and cold environments.  AmTopp High  Performance EP film is also suitable for stretch bundling applications. 
See all the sizes available here:

Phoenix PRTG Rotary Tower Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Our Most Popular Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper - Gantry Frame version The rotary arm machine concept is to keep the load to be wrapped stationary while the stretch film carriage rotates around the load to apply the stretch film, the heavy-duty over-head Gantry Style construction with 2 or 4 legs supporting the machine frame provides solid machine support and trouble-free operation. This rotary arm stretch wrapper is the best solution in situations where the load is very unstable (very tall, too heavy, too light) or in a washdown environment.
With 56" x 56" max pallet size (80" load diagonal) the rotary arm can easily wrap pratically anything you throw at him! The PRT series provides the large wrapping capacity in its class!
This system is perfect for any wrapping application, excelling in particular at wrapping application that requires to wrap light or unstable loads or for speeds which would other…

PE Resins Up $.03/lb in March

THIS JUST IN: Resin increase revision confirmed.

The “CDI Mid-Cycle Update” was released to inform the market of the “final” LDPE, LLDPE resin prices that are being posted for March). While CDI originally had an estimate for PE resin prices that were flat or unchanged in March, a majority of PE resin buyers and sellers are now indicating the market has implemented a 3 cent per pound price increase.
Trade Reports April 2017
In other news it is being reported that PVC (FOODFILM) is up 2 cents/LB.
Business News March 2017
PVC Film Increase 2017 Film increase 7% effective April 28, 2017 (Pactiv) (Western Plastics)
LLDPE Today - Stretch film producers revise March hike
Split original increase percentage
Second half of increase to take effect in April

Read letters (Sigma) (Inteplast) (IPG) (Berry - AEP) (Western Plastics)

More info on pricing news here:

Smipack Range of Heat Tunnels for Shrink Wrapping Applications.

Modularity and excellent price/quality ratios are the main features characterizing the manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic sealers of the FP series. All the models of this range can indeed be supplied with or without shrink tunnel.
Compared to the traditional L-sealing hood packers, the FP series provides higher outputs as well as the possibility of using Polyethylene film, besides the traditional shrink films.
The FP series of modular sealers with shrink tunnel includes different models, for outputs ranging up to 6.000 packs/hour.
The T450 TUNNEL FOR MODULAR L-SEALING MACHINES: -Single-chamber shrink tunnel -FLXMOD® control system equipped with: -Alphanumeric LCD control panel provided with electronic board -Modular power section, separated from the control panel and equipped with inverter and remote-control switches -This system allows a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as: adjustment of the tunnel conveyor speed adjustment of the tunnel shrinki…