We supply parts for ITW Muller, ITW Mima ITW Liberty, ITW Signode and ITW Wrappers line of stretch wrapping equipment.  We have an extensive inventory of parts available.  Parts are available for Cobra, Raptor and Octopus stretch wrappers.  We have all those hard to fint ITW Mima parts and we can give you the current part number for the part you are looking for.   Here is a list of the Machine series we can help you with: ITW Mima Parts:  COBRA III (3), COBRA IV (4), COBRA XL, KING COBRA, KING COBRA ULTRA, H/HP, H/LP, FRHP, FELP, JT SERIES, JT21 HP, JT21 LP. Click here to buy ITW Liberty Parts:  LIBERTY 4.4 Click here to buy ITW Signode Parts:  310, 410, 2100 Series, 8150, SG210, SG215, SG510, SG520, SG555, SG550, SG610, SG620, SG615, SG225.  Click here to buy
Any parts not listed call us at 813 242 6985 - parts extention 307.

Hot Melt verses Acrylic Tape

If you are not already a tape guru, trying to determine whether your packaging application requires an acrylic tape, or a hot melt tape may raise some questions in your mind. But choosing the correct packaging tape for your application is essential to the presentation, protection and security of your product. Read on to understand the fundamental differences between hot melt carton sealing tapes and acrylic packaging tape, and what to expect with both.

Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape Characteristics:
Hot melt tapes exhibit a significantly higher adhesion in comparison to an acrylic tape. They possess superior holding power (referred to as shear value) and tensile strength, with quick tack. A hot melt tape is ideal for applications involving machine applied tapes, overstuffed cartons, or cartons with a high degree of recycled content. They perform well in temperatures ranging from 45F to 120F.
Can be purchased in hand grade carton sealing rolls as well as machine grade rolls Provides easy…


With so many manufacturers misusing stretch wrap vocabulary, it can often be difficult to understand the true meaning of these terms. 
To help consumers understand the real meaning, we listed a few of the most commonly misused terms in the packaging industry.In doing so, we hope to educate consumers to not be fooled by deceptive terminology when evaluating stretch wrap options.
Pre-stretch is the process of elongated film to a percentage of its original length. The advantage of operating with pre-stretch is that it provides great load stability and allows you consume less film per pallet. Below are two different methods to obtain pre-stretch.
Pre-stretched stretch film is film that is stretched during the manufacturing process prior to being wound up in rolls for stretch film application. Most of pre-stretched stretch film is applied using hand wrap dispensers.

Another means of obtaining pre-stretch film is by elongated it using the motorized pre-stretch capabilities of a wrapper. Th…

Free Pallet Wrapping Machine with Stretch Wrap Order.

The Revolution ST Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper. It’s a value priced semi automatic stretch wrapper. This price competitive workhorse will give you years of trouble free operation. It will solve the problems associated with poorly hand wrapped pallets. You can now get the Revolution ST Pallet Stretch Wrapper FREE with 200 rolls of our CLING-Tite Cast Machine Film. The Revolution represents an advanced design with completely reliable technology in a sleek frame, giving users a rugged machine of unmatched quality. FREE Pallet Wrapper - with film order. Buy 200 rolls of film and you get the Machine FREE. 20" x 70ga x 6000' CLING-Tite Cast Machine Film 40 rolls per pallet. 5 pallets x 40 rolls = 200 rolls @ $64.00 per roll Total investment = $12,800  *****Freight Not Included***** This Pallet Stretch Wrapper is FREE to you, 100% with no strings attached or any type of contract.   Why buy the Revolution ST Pallet Wrapper...Read More SKU:Revolution ST Pallet Stretch Wrapper (20" x 70ga …

Quality Packaging Equipment Service & Repair

The success of your operation often relies on the quality of your service technicians to keep your business operating when production volumes are high. It’s important to consider the following points when choosing a service provider that will keep your machines running.

A qualified technician will be able to repair a variety of makes and models of various machines. Quick Pak employs only the most experienced and qualified technicians. Our techs have 20+ years of combined experience in the field troubleshooting and repairing end of line packaging equipment.
It’s much more cost effective to maintain than it is to repair. Postponing the maintenance of your equipment could result in a sudden breakdown, forcing you to pay for a more expensive repair. Furthermore, when machines are down this interrupts your ability to do business. A good service technician knows that regular maintenance can make a line last for years. Quick Pak understands the value in preserving your machin…

STATIC DISSIPATIVE & Anti Static Stretch Wrap

STATIC DISSIPATIVE Stretch Wrap for hand and machine application.

Stretch-It SDF: Static Dissipative Film is ideal for use in pallet wrapping products that are susceptible to static electricity. These types of products that can be protected by stretch wrap can include flammables, electronic equipment, paints and chemicals.
Static Dissipative Film is also idea for applications involving the packaging of materials going into munitions plants and grain facilities. This durable stretch wrap also guards against ESD damage and from the elements. Static Dissipative Film exhibits high puncture resistance while clinging to itself so tapes or strap is unnecessary. This stretch wrap maintains all the same properties of conventional hand wraps without any of the static.
Static Dissipative Film is ideal for utilization in applications involving products sensitive to static electricity. Static Dissipative stretch-wrapped pallets are static free, tight and secure in one extremely durable unitized…

Painless Pallet Wrapping With Coreless System

Hand wrapping a pallet is painful business.Bending over to wrap down to 2” from the floor and do it while walking backwards around a pallet 4 to 5 times and continue 4 more times around all the way to the top.Then you have 20-30 pallets per day to wrap.Back issues, tripping hazard, workers comp claim, it’s not if you get hurt – it’s when.Don’t forget to add in the 8 Lbs roll of stretch wrap to that while you’re at it.
Let’s make this scenario a little less painful.
1.Use Hybrid Coreless Prestretched Hand Wrap (3 Lbs roll weight).
2.This roll weighs 3 Lbs for an 18” x 1500’ as compared to 8 Lbs for standard roll.
3.NWD Coreless Dispenser – you can wrap 1” from the ground with NO bending and you can walk forward.
4.You can wrap up to 9’ high with the NWD Coreless Dispenser.
5.With no bending, over-reaching, walking backwards – you can wrap the pallet faster.
The NWD Coreless Dispenser is made from Aluminum, Made in USA, Not a disposable dispenser and parts are available.

Buy the film and di…