Using the right Stretch Film to Save Time and Money.

Customers stretch wrap their products in order to get their merchandise to Point A to Point B with as little damage as possible, at the lowest, effective cost.

Evaluate your Stretch Wrap Needs.
Criteria for Film Evaluations:
1. Pre-Stretch = Yield
2. Force-to-Load = Containment
3. Cut and Weight = Cost Per Load
Wrapping Standards and Savings:
Very few customers have established standards on how to wrap their products and even if there is a standard set, very few customers are wrapping to that standard. Although customers are promised film savings, most are not getting the savings that they should.
From puncture to containment, stretch to cling, the new Super Cast Nanolayer stretch film is better in every way.It is your best defense for production protection.
More information from or call 813 2426995.

E-Commerce Packaging from Quick Pak Inc

At Quick Pak Inc we understand the needs of today’s dynamic and changing E-Commerce packaging & fulfillment environment. Whether you’re a 3PL, an Internet Retailer, a Mail Order/Catalog provider or managing your own fulfillment operation, we have the products you need to keep your supply chain humming. The E-Commerce market uses a diverse mix of packaging and protective solutions – QPI represents the most comprehensive source! QPI's packaging automation solutions, including our case sealing machinery, can improve your packaging operation with lower costs and higher efficiency. Plus, our printed tapes can help you create customized packaging solutions while ensuring the security of each package. Our dedication to packaging doesn’t stop there – QPI can also bundle, unitize and protect your containers with our stretch film, shrink film, void fill and bundling solutions. More info at:

Polyair AirSpace G6 System Demo



Designed to run on The Revolution ST Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine. Half the film and twice the load holding force. HYBRiD Super Cast Machine Film is the answer for most application. Designed as a high performance and environmentally sensitive machine film for maximum unitization, HYBRiD Super Cast's ultra thin gauge reduces packaging material consumption and costs while its folded edges provide added strength and reduced tearing. Through the HYBRiD Plus manufacturing process, we reinforce the edges of the film so that, the roll completely unwinds, No more throwing away unusable rolls.  SKU:HYB2050 List Price:$26.00 per roll delivered.

Phoenix PRRA-4000 with top sheet dispenser

Quick Pak on-site technical services are available to support your staff during both planned and unplanned maintenance tasks. Our skilled service professionals can also be used to supplement your in-house resources helping to save time and reduce costs during installation, configuration, commissioning and maintenance.
Here we are servicing a Phoenix PRRA-4000 with top sheet dispenser.

On-site services include:
-Machine Start-Ups and Repairs. -PLC Programming and PLC programs Mods. -Refresher Training. -System Performance Audits.
Machine Start-Ups and Repairs: These calls are pre-scheduled and provide you with a field technician who is experienced in the task at hand.
PLC Program Modifications: With PLC programming and programs modification or tweaks, we can help you achieve a higher throughput, thus saving you valuable time and lowering your cost per pallet.
Training: Train your operators to maintain high levels of operation, and optimize stretch film usage by testing pre-stretch eff…

Quick Pak Strap Bandit Strap Feeder


1/2 Inch Foam Rolls in Stock Ready to Ship.

48" X 1/2" X 125' PE FOAM ROLL (NO SLIT / NO PERF)
Perforated Rolls.No upcharge for cross perforations at (6" and 12"). Slitting - There is no upcharge for standard slit (6" / 8" / 12" / 16" / 24").

Nonstandard slits or less than 6' will incur a 10% upcharge (Minimum quantity will apply).
Polyethylene foam packaging is one of the most versatile protective packaging materials available that conforms to any product shape. These foam-packaging rolls are perforated into tear off sections for easier handling. Foam helps prevent product scratching and marring, while supplying a small level of shock absorption.
Key Features: Made from 100% low density polyethylene (ldpe).Makes foam highly flexible and perfect for surface protection, interleaving and cushioning.
Manufactured without the use of cfc’s or hcfc’s.Helps keep the environment protected by not using ozone depleting chemicals.
-100% recyclable -Environmentally friendly -Non abrasiv…