1/2 Inch Foam Rolls in Stock Ready to Ship.

48" X 1/2" X 125' PE FOAM ROLL (NO SLIT / NO PERF)
Perforated Rolls.No upcharge for cross perforations at (6" and 12"). Slitting - There is no upcharge for standard slit (6" / 8" / 12" / 16" / 24").

Nonstandard slits or less than 6' will incur a 10% upcharge (Minimum quantity will apply).
Polyethylene foam packaging is one of the most versatile protective packaging materials available that conforms to any product shape. These foam-packaging rolls are perforated into tear off sections for easier handling. Foam helps prevent product scratching and marring, while supplying a small level of shock absorption.
Key Features: Made from 100% low density polyethylene (ldpe).Makes foam highly flexible and perfect for surface protection, interleaving and cushioning.
Manufactured without the use of cfc’s or hcfc’s.Helps keep the environment protected by not using ozone depleting chemicals.
-100% recyclable -Environmentally friendly -Non abrasiv…

Wrapping Short Pallets with Stretch Film

Wrapping Short Pallets with Stretch Film

Wrapping Low Pallets in Confined Working Area

The NWD stretch wrap dispenser is a lightweight, aluminum hand held dispenser for wrapping low to the floor without walking backwards or bending low.  Patented brake system ensures tighter wrap and less film wasted.  Made in the USA.  Keeps the user in a natural position to reduce back and work related injuries.  Accommodates various shaped pallets. 
Achieves tighter wrapped pallets to reduce freight claims.  Self-oiling materials provides smooth, consistent action.  Tension control for preferred stretch.  Available for 1-1/2" core film, 2" core film and 3" core film.  Ships UPS. SpecificationsLength - 60" Weight - 3 lbs.Use with 11"-20" rolls of filmUse with various stretch films: Cast, Blown, Pre-stretch, Netting, Any colorBoxed size - 48"x4.5"x4.5" 4 lbs.List Price:$165.00
Buy the unit here:  NWD Pallet Wrapper


AirSpace G6 Bubble on Demand Machine The Polyair AirSpace G6 System produces bubble film “just-in-time.” No need for bulky storage containers. AirSpace G6 is portable and has a small footprint, making it the ideal machine for even the most demanding environments. Its intuitive bilingual interface makes it simple to use and it has one of the largest film roll put-ups in the industry. AirSpace G6 effortlessly handles low-to-high volume dispensing needs. 10 Rolls Monthly Usage Required for AirSpace G6 Bubble on demand Machine.  One size for your packaging needs: 12" x 15" Film Thickness Available: 1.57 mil Soft, transparent film allows your product to be seen while secured. No messy loose fill to contend with. SKU:AirSpace G6 Bubble On Demand Machine More information available here...Bubbles


Hexcel is the next generation of protective wrapping designed to replace bubble with a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material.This sustainable Bubble Wrap alternative will keep your products in place with its interlocking design without any need for adhesive tape. Available in Kraft Brown or Wonderful White.

Hexcel sustainable paper packaging material for delicate luxury products.What makes Hexcel Wrap superior to other packaging products?
Cushioning:Eliminates damage with exceptional protection. The hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that traps all your items.
Source Reduction: Reduces your wrap and void fill packaging to just Hexcel; saving space, logistics, time and money.
Eliminate taping: The hexagonal cells keep Hexcel Wrap from unraveling.
Sustainability: Made from paper, the most sustainable, reusable, compost-able and recyclable material on the planet. Your customers will thank you for using a green wrapping product.
Speed: Without taping and easy tearing of exac…


Comes with ONE Battery and Charger. The Dynamic 2100 is Fromm’s entry level battery strapping tool.  Built to be as economical and reliable as possible, the Dynamic is the logical step up from manual strapping tools. Up to 5 times faster than strapping with manual tools, this tool is a great addition to any strapping environment. For bricks, timber, tiles, bales, aluminum, steel and general strapping the Dynamic 2100 is the solution. For best results we recommend Quick Pak’s range of premium PET strap. -Fast and reliable – up to 5 times fast than manual strapping tools -Simple two button operation -Lightweight for easy one-handed use -Straps vertical & horizontal -Tough protective case -Adjustable tension force -Adjustable sealing time -Battery charge indicator. Plastic Strapping: PET and PP plain or embossed Strap Width: 5/8” Strap Thickness: 0.026” – 0.041” Sealing type: Friction welding with average seal strength of approx. 75% Tension force: 675 Lbs.  Power supply: Li-Ion battery 14.4 VDC / 3 …