For all those older wide web stretch wrappers still in operation we have all the wide web sizes in stock in both 80ga and 64ga.

Wide Web Perform XL Machine stretch film is made of the highest quality cast stretch wrap and can work with all makes of wide web stretch wrapping machines from 40 inches all the way up to 80 inches. Machine wrapping your products increases load retention over time and provides higher puncture resistance. Our Cast stretch film is high clarity, making it easy to see information printed on products such as labels and barcodes. Cast film is also very quiet in comparison to blown films and will greatly reduce excess warehouse noise.
Quiet, Reduces excess warehouse nose Highly Visible for easy Identification Cling for added stability.
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Strapping Machine Service and Repair

Strapping Machine Service.
Keeping your packaging and strapping machinery running at peak efficiency is critical to maintaining your plant’s productivity.Quick Pak’s machine maintenance services are designed to keep your strapping machinery running efficiently and prevent costly breakdowns.Our expert service technicians are committed to keep your strapping equipment running efficiently.All our service technicians are factory-trained to service and repair all makes of strapping machines and tools.They will inspect your equipment and perform any maintenance that is needed to keep your machinery running and your production line on schedule.

Our technicians are trained to identify any potential problems with your equipment and arrange for repairs before the machinery breaks down.This will allow you to schedule repairs to minimize the impact on your production schedule. If repairs are needed, our highly trained technicians can perform the repairs at on-site at your location, or at our sho…

Free Dual Turntable Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Here is a great deal.We have a Nitech High Profile 20/20 Dual Turntable Pallet Stretch Wrapper with 30” film carriage.

This machine came in on a trade and is now been offered FREE of charge with a stretch film order of 5 pallets.This machine is in excellent working condition and have been passed and checked by our service dept.
This is a great opportunity to add more wrapping capacity to your operation with not cash outlay.Email for details:

Extra Wide Clear Poly Sheeting

Poly Sheeting by the Roll. This material is made of strong polyethylene that is great for all of your protection and safety on construction projects including temporary walls, weather protection, painting, dust protection, building wraps, abatement, containment, and enclosing scaffolding. Some of the material is available in fire resistant options for applications requiring fire safety guidelines.

Poly Sheeting by the Roll comes in clear and reinforced clear poly options in 100-yard rolls. Whether the material is for protecting equipment, workers, the general public, or the building from vapors, dust, dirt, grime, or moisture, this clear fabric can prove indispensable.
Call us here at Quick Pak Inc to learn more about construction tarp poly sheeting or to order. PH: 813 242 6995 or

40" x 48" Clay Coated Chipboard Slip Sheet

At Quick Pak Inc, our pros pride themselves on delivering high quality Chipboard Pads, Chipboard Sheets, Chipboard Partitions and Chipboard Cartons in both stock and custom configurations to meet your manufacturing needs all at competitive prices. Chipboard is a cost-effective multi use material for every type of manufacturer.

No matter what type of product your facility manufactures, assembles or ships, Quick Pak has a discounted chipboard product for you. We have a vast selection of both chemically treated and natural paper products in a wide variety of sizes and colors.
Unlimited Applications – whether you’re packing, shipping, or storing, chipboard provides the protection and stabilization you want and need.
Chipboard helps protect products from damage that might occur during transportation due to a lack of ridged stabilization.
Anti -Slip Chipboard are useful between product layers or as a pallet liner. They provide stability and keep loads from shifting or tipping over during s…

Used Nitech 20/20 High Profile Dual Turntable Pallet Wrapper

We have in stock for sale:  Used Nitech 20/20 high profile dual turn table pallet stretch wrapper with a 30" film carriage.  
This is a great unit for wrapping outdoor products and the unit running well and is in good working order.
  Nitech 20/20 High Profile Dual Turntable Pallet Wrapper. 
Load specs:Maximum load height: 84 inchesStandard load diagonal: 80 inchesMaximum load weight: 6,000 poundsTurntable:High profileDimensions: 48" squareSoft start and stop functionAdjustable speed: 2 - 12 rotations per minuteDriven by 3/4 horsepower motorFilm/carriage specs:Width: up to 30 inchesCarriage speed: up to 300 inches per minuteDouble 40 pound chain hoist powered by 0.5 horsepower motorPhoto-electric load height sensor Fork lift tubesApproximate overall dimensions (inches): 101 long x 48 wide x 87 high

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Coreless Pallet Stretch Wrap