Stretch Pallet Wrap Truckload Sale

In stock and ready to ship:  $53.00 per roll.  

Perform XL Machine stretch film is made of the highest quality cast stretch wrap and is able to work with all stretch wrapping machines. Machine wrapping your products increases load retention over time and provides higher puncture resistance. 
Our Cast stretch film is high clarity, making it easy to see information printed on products such as labels and barcodes. Cast film is also very quiet in comparison to blown films and will greatly reduce excess warehouse noise. 
Quiet, Reduces excess warehouse noseHighly Visable for easy IdentificationCling for added stability.

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Strapping and Strapping Tools at Quick Pak Inc

At Quick Pak Inc, we know you need reliable, tough strapping to keep your products safe and stable during transport. 

Our steel strapping comes in regular-duty, heavy-duty, high-tensile, and punched styles– and in portable, self-dispensing mini coils for on-the-spot jobs. 

Quick Pak Inc also provides polyester and polypropylene strapping in a variety of sizes, colors, pre-cut and buckled 17' lengths. 

We even carry the strapping tools and accessories you need from all the major brands: Acme, FROMM, Orgapack, Signode – from plastic and steel strap seals to crimpers, tensioners, and carts!  

See more here: Strapping and Tools

Mailing Tubes from Quick Pak Inc

Mailing tubes, poster tubes, and shipping tubes are the most popular choice for general-purpose mailings. Open end and crimped end (“snap seal”) mailing tubes are ideal when sending posters, art, and blueprints because they are strong and lightweight (which helps keep shipping costs low). 

Custom Mailing Tubes can be made with diameters ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches, and in any length and thickness.
Approximate lead time: 5 business days, plus shipping.
Open-end mailing tubes require end closures such as plastic plugs, paper caps, or metal plugs.  Crimped mailing tubes do not require end closures.
While plain cardboard mailing tubes are the most economical, custom colors, one color printing, and full four color printing help increase branding, product identification and command attention.
For a custom Mailing Tube quote –

Going Green With Stretch is that simple!!!

Coreless Stretch Wrap Options.  So easy to go green with coreless - every roll - you save 1 Lbs of paper core from the trash.  it's that simple.

Coreless Pallet Stretch Wrap


Green Stretch Wrap has Gone Coreless...No More Cores!!!

Did you know ?
Coreless stretch film technology is an innovation in environmental source reduction well suited for an eco-conscious consumer and organizations with sustainability goals. It is a light weight coreless hi-performance stretch film that can optimize pallet coverage with maximum load holding Better For the Environment Eliminates paperboard core, film is 100% recyclable, reduced energy consumption in transportation & storage costs Reduce Storage & Disposal Costs No cardboard core means no associated storage or disposal costs Improved Ergonomics Reusable plastic dispenser (supplied) is easily switched from one roll to the next, ending the hand burn associated with traditional cardboard cores.
Improves wrapping control. Coreless means roll weight is reduced by up to 15%, improving the user experience Freight & Warehouse Savings More rolls per pallet means lower transportation & storage costs Less Waste No wasted film left on the core. Every last foot of stretch…

Custom PE Shrink Bundling Film from Quick Pak Inc

Hit the mark...with your packaging.  Custom made Shrink Bundling Film made to order.  Three to Four week lead time on average.  Pricing is valid for standard widths SWS 14" and above. Pricing valid for 1.25 mil and above.   You’re right on target with high-performance film specifically designed for today’s shrink-bundling applications—innovative BullsEye™ High Clarity (HC) Shrink Film. Hold It Together: • BullsEye HC is a proven high-quality, high performance shrink film that has the strength to substantially reduce or completely eliminate corrugate while maintaining clarity and gloss unmatched in the market • Combined with our award winning print capabilities, BullsEye HC is the perfect solution for your bundled packaging needs • BullsEye HC shrink films are another example of our efforts to develop products that can reduce your overall film usage and therefore improve packaging sustainability. Picture This for Your Packaging • Great stiffness and abuse resistance • Low TD shrink for tight …