Printed Pallet Wrap and Colored Stretch Films

Printed Stretch Film and Colored pallet Wrap

Generally, there are four reasons why a company may be interested in printed stretch film (or stretch wrap):
To minimize the possibility of pallets being broken in transit Security/Theft deterrence Warehouse/Internal identification Brand exposure Essentially, printed stretch film is the same as regular stretch film, but with your logo or the text of your choice printed on the roll. In light of the reasons noted above, it can be a very useful option. It can also present its own potential negatives:Neck-down - distortion of the logo/text caused when the film is stretchedOverlap rendering the logo/text illegible or unidentifiableDirection - with a logo, or more particularly with text, the wrap must be applied in a certain direction or it goes on backwards, rendering it illegible

Given the relatively high cost and other limitations of printed stretch wrap, it is not a viable option for most users, though it may look attractive in concept.
Cost - printed stretch wrap can be 2-3 times more expensive than standard stretch wrap

Waste - once stretch wrap is used, it cannot be reused
Redundancy of effort - often, the printed stretch wrap is not the primary wrap and is applied in only one or two layers after the primary wrap has been applied.
Additionally, if printed stretch wrap is not applied correctly, it may actually do your company more harm than good.
There are, however, alternatives to printed stretch wrap that can still meet all or most of the above specified advantages to printed stretch wrap:

Colored Stretch Wrap

This is one of the most cost-effective alternatives. Any printed material will require a custom-run of that product and will also entail artwork and plate charges. Many stretch wrap distributors stock colored stretch wrap, whether it be in the form of bundling film (2" - 6"), hand wrap (10" - 30") or machine wrap (20"+).
Colored stretch wrap can offer security by obscuring the view of the contents of the pallet; can provide internal identification so that personnel know, for example, which skids are returns and which are new; and can minimize the possibility of pallets being broken down because most freight carriers do not use colored film. If you ship with orange film and your customer receives the pallet wrapped in something other than orange, you will know that the load has been tampered with and you can deal with that accordingly with your customer and freight carrier. Like any stretch wrap, colored stretch wrap cannot be reused. While more expensive than standard stretch wrap, colored stretch wrap is still less expensive than printed stretch wrap and is typically available in smaller minimum quantities and can be used as a simple over-wrap rather than as a primary wrap, or can be used as the primary wrap as well.
Colored stretch wrap can also be combined with custom printed labels in order to get your brand name on the pallet and generate awareness of your company. This combination can achieve all of the goals related to using printed stretch wrap and is much more flexible and cost-effective.

Printed Pallet Covers

This is one of the more cost-effective options that will accomplish brand exposure along with security and identification. One advantage printed pallet covers offer that is unique is that there is the possibility they may be re-used, particularly if utilized internally. They may be used under clear stretch wrap or over any wrapped load. The print will not be susceptible to distortion (or neck-down) or overlap as would printed stretch wrap. Printed pallet covers are available in a variety of sizes, colors and in different mil thicknesses, depending upon your needs. A guide to know how to measure for a pallet cover can be found here.
Colored pallet covers, printed or unprinted, may also help you accomplish your goals. As opposed to colored stretch wrap, which is very thin and requires several overlapping wraps to achieve any significant degree of opacity (solid color, lacking transparency), colored pallet covers are already thick enough to provide the level of opacity needed for security and/or identification purposes. Samples of stock pallet covers are available at no charge to help you most accurately determine what size and thickness work best for your needs before you make any special printed and/or colored order.

Printed Tape 

Printed tape is another cost-effective alternative to printed stretch wrap. An advantage to this option is that there are stock prints available for security purposes or to discourage the load from being broken down in transit. Custom printing is available as well. Printed tape can also be used for other applications - such as on boxes, drums, or any other container or packaging option. Printed tape can provide brand exposure, internal identification, and can discourage your pallets from being broken.

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