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What the trade is saying (december 14th 2009)

LLDPE: Resin producers again seek price increase (December 14th 2009)

November increase attempt did not stick market-wide. Additional $.03/lb previously announced December increase remains on the table.Stretch demand improves.

PE producers will again seek to implement the $.04-.05/lb increase that did not stick market-wide in November, and if successful, an additional $.03/lb that was previously announced for December contracts. Very little fresh supply was presented to the spot market this past week January Crude Oil futures recovered from six week lows of $72.39/bbl to end at $76.05/bbl. Jan Natural Gas futures surged $.434/mmBtu, a 9% gain, to end the week at $5.192/mmBtu. After two weeks of stability, spot Ethylene prices rallied this week.
Trade Reporter December 2009

European Plastics Converters (EuPC), the Brussels-based organization for plastics processors, has attacked the plastics raw material price increases announced by suppliers in recent weeks. "Markets are currently …

Revolution LP - Stretch Wrapper

If you are wrapping pallets by hand and want to increase worker productivity consider the heavy-duty Revolution LP.

- With the soft start and stop loads will not shift or jerk and the speed can be adjusted for lighter loads.

- Just load the 59" diameter round turntable, attach the film, set the turntable speed, press the footswitch and wrap the pallet as it turns.

- The Revolution LP is a rugged machine that is simple to operate and will eliminate dizziness from walking in circles.

Special introductory offer:
Revolution LP Stretch Wrapper = $2,800/EA

- Heavy duty Loading Ramp = $250/EA

Buy 2 pallets of Litewrapper Stretch Film and get the Revolution LP (FREE of charge).

18" x 1500' / 4 rolls per case / 60 cases per pallet / Litewrapper dispenser Your Cost: $39.95/Case + freight.