November LLDPE Price Increase

November LLDPE Price Increase

Most U.S. resin producers have either revised their prior price increases or nominated a fresh price increase for November LLDPE. Through these actions, the increases have effectively been consolidated to $.05/lb effective Nov 1st. October PE contracts still need to be negotiated and settled before the Nov increases come into play: Most Polyethylene producers are trying to roll Oct contract pricing flat s. Processors (film makers)are looking for another decrease. PE contracts are down $.09/lb over the last 2 months.
Trade Reports October 2015

Resin makers announce price increase. Read the letters - (Exxon Mobil) (Dow) (Westlake) (LyondellBasell) (Nova)

"resin trading continued to transact at an elevated pace, which can be somewhat attributed to improved demand and growing expectations for higher prices ahead."

"PE producers are looking to hold Oct contracts steady at Sept levels and there is a $.05/lb increase on the table for November."

"International resin markets have firmed a bit and large volumes of PE have shipped offshore."

"Natural Gas, lost $.072/mmBtu and headed into the weekend at $2.43/mmBtu, a new low close."

"Ethylene trading was very active and prices moved significantly higher. At least 3 major crackers in the Gulf remain offline for maintenance and the supply restrictions are apparently catching up to the market."

"PE prices were up a penny."

"Processor demand was very good as they look to secure extra material ahead of the $.05/lb price increase nominated for November. While it is too early to gauge the likelihood of the increase implementation, sentiment has shifted away from outright bearish and has been taking on a firming undertone."
Trade Reports October 2015

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