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Shrink PE Film for Difficult Applications.

Clear 5" wide x 6 mil Shrink PE film used on a coil wrapper to wrap and seal coils of wire and protect the coating from moisture and the elements.  
Slit, wound  and manufactured to very tight spec's for this very unique application.    

For more information on the film and machinery call us here at Quick Pak Inc @ 813 242 6995 or email us at:

Revolution ST Plus Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Revolution ST Plus Pallet Stretch Wrapper


Quick Pak Inc is proud to introduce the all New Revolution ST Plus (15 rpm) Pallet Wrapper.  FREE PALLET OF STRETCH WRAP WITH MACHINE20 ROLLS OF: 19" X 6000' PRESTRETCHED MACHINE FILM $250 Packing and Crating of Machine for Shipping. It's the latest addition to the Revolution Line of quality built stretch wrapping machines.

We have just made is so easy for you to stop wrapping pallets by hand and put an end to the suffering.  Start using your own Revolution STPlus Pallet Wrapper and enjoy pallets wrapped by machine.  Say goodbye to the hardship of hand wrapping, poorly wrapped pallets, product damage and freight claims.   The new Revolution STPlus Pallet Wrapper has been designed to provide the same standards of durability, reliability and performance as the rest of the Revolution line. It is by far the most cost competitive machine in its class. With a maximum turntable speed of 12 to 15 RPM. Built Tough with Heavy Duty steel for industrial applications. No plastic panels or co…

Best Serrated Seal For Polyester PET Strapping.

Quick Pak Inc is proud to introduce the Heavy-Duty Serrated Seal for Polyester strapping.

This seal has the unique tire-thread grip design that once crimped on the strap it holds the strap in place under extreme tension.
If you are using PET Polyester strap to hold your product in place why use an inferior seal that won’t hold up.
5/8" Serrated Open Polyester Strapping Seal
Part Number: #8PG0625S-5M (1000 per Case)
Designed with inside treads that securely grip polyester strapping.
Serrated seals provide maximum seal efficiency on smooth and embossed polyester strapping.
Best Seal in the strapping business.
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