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Nichrome Wire, Seal Pad & Teflon Tape


Resin Pricing News for November.

Chem Data Report (CDI) = No change for PVC or PE resin in November.

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Best Strapping Tools on the Market

Quick Pak Inc continues to provide the industry with the highest quality strap, tools and repair service. 

We support our customers with: -The Highest Quality Strapping Tools -Strap Tool Training and Support -Repair and Parts Service -On-time Delivery
When you buy from Quick Pak Inc, you are assured of getting the product expertise, application knowledge and training that will help to set you apart from your competition.
Quick Pak Inc stock a large quantity of plastic and steel strapping tools for every type of application. 
We supply quality tools from:  FROMM, ACME, Orgapack, MIP, Strapbinder, Delta and ITW. We stock new tools and we also have used and refurbished tools available.  You can buy parts for all these brand of tools and repair them yourself, or you can send the tools here to Quick Pak’s repair facility in Florida.     
Best Strapping Tools on the Market Today:
Orgapack was established in the year 1925 and has been a leading manufacturer of packaging tools and accessori…

Revolution 3T Industrial Pallet Floor Scale


LNWD Industrial Banding Film Dispenser


Quick Packaging News: Why use Airflow Vented Pallet Stretch Wrap?

Quick Packaging News: Why use Airflow Vented Pallet Stretch Wrap?: AirFlow is a premium stretch film that guarantees supreme comfort to any uniform load. For ventilation, this stretch wrap has die cu...

Why use Airflow Vented Pallet Stretch Wrap?

AirFlow is a premium stretch film that guarantees supreme comfort to any uniform load.

For ventilation, this stretch wrap has die cut holes and has become a production leader in the agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing industries.

This stretch film is quick and easy to start wrapping, for it works on conventional stretch wrapper machines while requiring only one person to apply.

Air Flow Stretch Wrap permits condensation from leaving the pallet, as a result protecting your goods.

Die cut holes allow for products to cool faster and evenly which reduces cooling costs

Unlike any other stretch film, Air Flow Stretch Wrap does not have a freeze breaking point

Elasticity up to 70%

100% Recyclable

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Why Use Airflow Vented Pallet Stretch Wrap


Free Pallet Wrapper with Airflow Vented Stretch Film

Quick Pak Inc is proud to introduce the all New Revolution AirFlow FR Pallet Wrapper.  It's the latest addition to the Revolution Line of quality built stretch wrapping machines. Revolution AirFlow FR Pallet Wrapper is FREE to you when you buy 270 rolls of our AirFlow II Vented Pallet Machine film.  Here is the deal:  Revolution AirFlow FR Pallet Wrapper = FREE Buy 270 rolls (3 pallets) of 17" x 3000'  AirFlow Vented Pallet Wrap Machine Film Cost: $63.00/roll x 270 = $17,010 Total.  Built Tough with Heavy Duty steel for industrial applications. No plastic panels or covers to crack and fall apart. No belts to wear and dry out. This is the TANK of stretch wrappers (all chains and steel). Features and Specs and watch the video:

-Eliminate the need for labor intensive manual hand wrapping -Wraps pallet (55” x 55” x 84” H max.) weighing up to 3,000 Lbs -Variable turntable speed: maximum 10 RPM -Adjustable Top and Bottom wrap count (1-9) -Forkl…

Revolution Airflow FR Pallet Wrapper FREE with Airflow Film


Revolution Stretch Wrapping with Custom Printed Stretch Film from Quick ...


Kraft Flat Back Tape #886


SellaTape #886 is a 7.0 mil Brown Color Kraft Flatback paper coated with a rubber resin solvent based adhesive system.
An economical, pressure sensitive, moisture resistant flatback tape designed to offer a positive, attractive seal and excellent adhesion to minimize carton sealing failures and prevent pilferage. Aggressive blend of natural/ synthetic rubber adhesive performs well under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. Designed for use in applications where reduced weight can provide packaging material savings.
Can be used for carton sealing, packaging, silk screening, picture framing, beaming/leasing, splicing, tabbing, and core starting
Developed to meet the most demanding applications for paper packaging tapes, our natural kraft paper has excellent adhesion to corrugated carton stock and to its own backing. Strong tensile strength makes it an excellent choice for splicing applications.
Backing: Natural Kr…

Printed Pallet Stretch Wrap

We offer printed stretch wrap on most any type of film: bundling film, hand wrap, machine wrap, and other. Our custom printing of pallet and hand stretch wrap are offered with low minimums and delivery nationwide. Printed stretch film can improves load appearance, cuts pilferage and deters tampering, all the while serving as advertisement for your business. Our process will ensure your marketing dollars are well spent as on lookers notice your palletized products as they move through distribution. WHY USE PRINTED STRETCH WRAPAdvertising: Logo, Company Name, Your Website, re-ordering info.Safeguard Shipments: Printed messages make handling requirements highly visible. "Do Not Double Stack", "Fragile Handle With Care", "Do Not Break Pallet", "Do Not Accept If Damaged", "USDA Organic" and moreSecurity Appeal: Reduces risks of pilferage and tampering in storage or transit. Easily identify shipments that have been brok…

Heavy Duty Serrated Seal for Polyester Strap 8PG0625S 5M



Quick Pak Inc carries a complete inventory of stock color coded labels in various sizes and styles to meet a wide variety of applications. Information can be printed on the labels using a number of label printing and/or application methods. We stock a variety of circle and rectangle blank stock labels.  These labels are perfect for shipping labels, product identification labels, nutrition labels, warning labels and more. We carry most labels in stock and if it is not in stock you can count on a quick turnaround.  Labels are paper with a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive unless otherise noted.
Labels are packed = 500 Labels per roll.
Stocked labels can be combined for volume discounts.
Label orders over $200 are shipped free freight.
What is a pressure-sensitive label?
SKU:Color Coded Label 2" MON DL6502 C Your Price: $19.50 /roll

Revolution Film Attachment For Printed Pallet Wrap


Quick Pak Revolution Overview


NEW Installation of a Revolution ST Pallet Wrapper At A Price You Cannot Ignore.

NEW Installation of a Revolution ST Pallet Wrapper At A Price You Cannot Ignore.

Quick Pak Inc has installed another Revolution ST Pallet Wrapper at one of our customers.  We encourage all companies to enter the automated pallet wrapping market with minimum cost and maximum benefits.
All palletized loads benefit from automated wrapping as opposed to using hand wrap film applied by an operator. Automated wrapping removes those Health & Safety concerns employers should have about the application of hand film which can cause serious back problems and associated trip hazards when moving around a pallet on the floor with a roll of film. Installation and operation of the wrapper is so easy and straightforward, there is no need for a time consuming, money wasting, on site demonstration.
For as little as $4,990 you and your company can soon be the proud owners of a Revolution ST pallet wrapper and start benefitting from cheaper wrapping costs (compared to hand wrap) from the first day i…


Sellatape brand packaging tapes by Quick Pak Inc.  Trusted brand name for over 15 years. Packing Tape and Packaging Tape- Considered a pressure sensitive tape used in a wide variety of applications, commonly used for sealing boxes and packages for shipments. The most common widths are two to three inches wide and made from a polypropylene or polyester backing.  Transparent Office Tape- Commonly referred to as "Scotch tape" is one of the most commonly used tapes in the world. Used for a variety of applications including: sealing envelopes, repairing torn paper products, holding light objects together, etc. Gaffers Tape- A heavy fabric or plastic tape. Commonly used in the entertainment industry to hold down cables and chords. The adhesive leaves little residue and removes cleanly from objects. Duct Tape- Has a plastic coated fabric backing and a strong adhesive. Often used by people who need a strong and versatile tape that can be easily torn by hand. Masking Tape- Used for painti…



3/4" in. X 60 yards 100 lbs./in. tensile strength filament tape is reinforced by fiberglass, and has superior adhesion for light to medium loads. It can be used to close, reinforce, bundle, unitize, hold, seal, and in some instances become part of an end-use product.
48 rolls per case
64 cases per pallet
FREE Freight on 64 cases delivered in the USA
Your Price:$49.00 Qty = 64 cases
Buy here:



Wrap pallets for less with our industrial and heavy duty hand stretch wrap dispenser. These hand stretch wrap dispensers are lightweight and intended for all-day use. Other features include; tension control for desired stretch and flexible rubber grip that maximize comfort and minimize fatigue. The nelson hand wrap dispenser features a patented brake system that ensures tighter wrap and less film wasted and is a great economic alternative to the costly throw-away extended core. HAND WRAP STRETCH FILM DISPENSERS OPTIONS: Dispensers for Hand Stretch Wrap Fit: 12 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inch hand wrap Buy here:

Free Revolution Pallet Wrapper - Limited time offer!

FREE REVOLUTION ST PALLET STRETCH WRAPPER - only 4 machines available with this offer

The Revolution ST Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper. It’s a value priced semi automatic stretch wrapper. This price competitive workhorse will give you years of trouble free operation. It will solve the problems associated with poorly hand wrapped pallets. The Revolution represents an advanced design with completely reliable technology in a sleek frame, giving users a rugged machine of unmatched quality. The Revolution will convert the high volume hand wrap user over to wrapping pallets by machine.
FREE Pallet Wrapper - with film order. Buy 5 pallets of film and you get the Machine FREE. 20" x 70ga x 5000' HYBRiD Plus Performance Cast Machine Film

Storopack Price Increase for December 1st

Looks like Storopack are pushing for an non-industry price increase on paper plus and all loose fill products.  7% hike on these items is a lot.  Will watch and see what happens. 

Could be a good opportunity for customer to move away from this type of void fill packaging as it is very environmentally unfriendly. 
Please see the attached notification from Storopack.  This will apply to shipments from all US Storopack warehouses.  Originals were mailed on 10/30/15.  Please contact your local Storopack Protective Packaging Specialist should you have any questions. 

Copy of the letter here: