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Crude oil prices — used as a global PE price-setter. At the Resin Technology Inc. consulting firm in Fort Worth, Texas, PE analyst Mike Burns said that regional PE prices now are expected to remain flat until oil prices approach $60 per barrel. Beyond that point, he added, regional PE maker may try to raise prices in the first part of 2016.
Trade Reports October 2015

October Polyethylene Price Increase Adjustments
Several North American resin producers have already announced adjustments to their price increases previously nominated for October Polyethylene. Dow Chemical has issued a 2-cent TVA - Temporary Voluntary Allowance - effectively reducing their $.07/lb price increase to just $.05/lb, matching the magnitude of other company's increases. However, ExxonMobil and Formosa Plastics subsequently each pushed back the implementation of their $.05/lb price increase from October to November, offering to roll contracts flat from September. Other producers will likely follow. It is still just the beginning of the month, and film producers/processors are clamoring for another decrease, so October contract negotiations are far from over...
Trade analyst October 2015

This letter restates the effective date of ExxonMobil Chemical Company’s previously announced price increase.r

The Dow Chemical Company – Reaffirming Polyethylene Price Notification Effective October 1, 2015.

After the 4-cent September drop, regional PE prices now are down a net of 13 cents per pound so far in 2015. Demand for the material in the U.S. and Canada has remained solid, however. Through July, High density and linear low density PE demand in that region each were up almost 6 percent, with low density PE sales up almost 2 percent, according to the American Chemistry Council in Washington.
Trade Reports September 2015

The Dow Chemical Company - Polyethylene Price Notification Effective October 1, 2015
US Dow is saying up 7c/lb on October 1st
U.S. PE Market says we are down $0.04 in September.

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