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End of the year and time to buy that stretch wrapper.

When you spend your company’s money, spend it wisely. When it comes to buying a stretch wrapper, you’ve got to do some research in order to make the right decision.

Here are five simple rules that will point you in the right direction:
1. Buy a machine that’s made by a well-established supplier.
Would you rather buy equipment made by a manufacturer that only has a handful of machines in the field? Or, would you rather buy equipment made by a large, well-established manufacturer that has thousands of machines in the field?
We bet you’d prefer the latter. Manufacturers that have designed, engineered and tested stretch wrappers for decades usually create the highest quality machines.
2. Look for a machine that’s sold by a reliable supplier who can provide service, training and support.
When you’re ready to buy a new wrapper, turn to your local packaging distributor for help. But make sure they’re affiliated with a well-established manufacturer. That will make it easy to get replacement …

Hurricane Irma Clean up Complete at Quick Pak Inc


Second Round of Increases slated for October 2017

Packaging News

Stretch film increase #2 announced (Sigma) (Amtopp) (Berry)
September 6 2017

LLDPE stretch resin increase #2 announced (Exxon Mobil) (Dow)
September 6 2017

Stretch film makers announce September price increase.Read letters (Sigma) (Paragon) (Berry) (Western Plastics)

PVC Food Films Price Increase
To: All Food Film Customers

We have announced a 7% price increase effective with orders placed on or after Monday, October 2, 2017. Please make sure that you place your new orders with customer service before the effective date. (Berry) (Western Plastics)
U.S. PVC Food Film Producer September 2017

THIS JUST IN:LLDPE stretch resin today – up 3c/lb (reflects August mid month adjustment)
Second increase pending (stay tuned)
PVC pricing in August (foodfilm) - No change
Trade Analyst September 2017

Materials plants brace for Hurricane Harvey
UPDATED — Plastics and petrochemicals units along the Texas coast were shutting down in advance of Hurricane Harvey, which was expected to h…

Have a Unique Brand? Be Unique with Shrink Sleeve Graphics!

With so many options and increased competition for store’s shelf space, companies are looking for ways to differentiate their product from the competition.  Some ways to stand out on store shelves is to highlight your product with bright graphics or to have a one-of-a-kind container. But is it possible to have both? Well, yes! For many years marketers have had limited access to create a full 360° graphical view for their products. One way to have a full 360° shelf presence is with shrink sleeve labels. Shrink sleeve labels are a relatively new type of label that has been building momentum in the label industry for several years now. 
Shrink sleeves have special qualities that include:
•             Full 360° container design allows for expanded creativity with robust visuals, colors, and gloss/matte finish that make a superior shelf impact.
•             The sleeves are durable, scratch resistant and waterproof insuring your product always looks and feels the way it should.
•        …

Stretch Pallet Wrapping Overview

Many consumers don’t realize that stretch film plays an important role in delivering and transporting many of the products they use. Stretch Film is the highly elastic plastic material used to wrap products and secure them onto pallets. It is most commonly used to unitize products for efficient storage, but also serves as protection for transportation.

Stretch film is made from LLDPE (Linear-Low-Density Polyethylene). LLDPE is the ideal material for wrapping and securing loads because of its flexibility. The film’s ability to stretch around corners of products, boxes, and pallets offers increased puncture and tear resistance as well as greater efficiency when applied appropriately. High puncture and tear resistance guarantees that the load will remain stable and secure during transportation. Increased puncture resistance as well as a reduction of cost can be detected when the film reaches its maximum stretch potential.
At Quick Pak Inc, we use state of the art testing technology to e…

Quick Pak Inc in Florida

Back to warm and sunny in Tampa, Florida on Monday 18th Sept.  Quick Pak Inc only lost power for one day and back open and shipping orders all last week.  The Florida Oaks were trimmed a few days prior to Hurricane Irma and no damage was done to them, the building or the offices.

The hurricane made land fall about an hour and a half South of us and it sucked all the water out of the bay.  This was a very rare site to see.  We were expecting a storm serge when the water came back in, but that never happened.