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Pneumatic L-Sealers Professional Series - this unit is BIG!

EASTEY’s Professional Series ESA L-Sealers provide top of the line features and the most robust L-Sealer design on the market today. Expertly welded from ¼” cold rolled steel, EASTEY Professional ESA L-Sealers will withstand even the most abusive real world sealing applications. As a measure of strength, EASTEY L-Sealers weigh nearly twice as much as competitive models.
Proven Reliability for Your Needs
Eastey L-Sealers are designed and built to give you all the performance features needed for positive sealing a wide variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC. Cast seal arms, pneumatic operation, stainless steel film clamps, and heavy-duty magnet clamping are just some of the features that provide the durability you have come to rely on from EASTEY. See for yourself why EASTEY has been a leader in the shrink packaging industry for over 25 years.
Call us at 813 242 6995 for more information on shrink packagi…


Getting Tested and ready to ship!The Revolution ST Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper. It’s a value priced semi automatic stretch wrapper. This price competitive workhorse will give you years of trouble free operation. It will solve the problems associated with poorly hand wrapped pallets. You can now get the Revolution ST Pallet Stretch Wrapper FREE with 200 rolls of our HYBRiD Plus Machine Film. The Revolution represents an advanced design with completely reliable technology in a sleek frame, giving users a rugged machine of unmatched quality. FREE Pallet Wrapper - with film order. Buy 200 rolls of film and you get the Machine FREE. 19" x 5000' HYBRiD Plus Machine Film 40 rolls per pallet. 5 pallets x 40 rolls = 200 rolls @ $44.00 per roll Total investment = $8,800  *****Freight Not Included***** This Pallet Stretch Wrapper is FREE to you, 100% with no strings attached or any type of contract.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch wrapping machines, like the Quick Pak Revolution, can help improve safety and efficiency on the warehouse floor. Packaging is the final step of your production line, but the first thing that your customers see after your products are delivered. Efficiency and consistency are the two most important elements of any successful packaging. 
Good stretch wraps will protect your pallets from dust, damage and other forms of tapering. Although wrapping pallets isn’t complicated, hand stretch wrapping causes inconsistencies. Companies are now finding it easier to invest in stretch wrapping machines that can comply with their unique daily operations.

Advantages of Wrapping Your Products with a Revolution Stretch Wrapping Machine
A stretch wrapping machine helps in wrapping parcels, boxes and containers or other forms of products that are to be stored or transported. Stretch wrapping your goods or products offers some benefits including:
1. Protection of Goods from Damage, Dust and Moist…
Over 17 years ago Quick Pak Inc introduced the new Revolution Series of pallet stretch wrappers.  The Revolution Wrappers have been designed to provide very high standards of durability, reliability and performance as the rest of the Revolution Equipment line.  They are by far the most cost competitive pallet wrapping machine in its class. With a maximum turntable speed of 15 RPM. Best of all the price has not increased in 17 years and you can even get the machine for FREE with stretch wrap film orders.   While everyone is increasing prices on anything made of steel - you can still get anyone of the Revolution Pallet Wrappers at the same old price.    
Built Tough with Heavy Duty steel for industrial applications. No plastic panels or covers to crack and fall apart. No belts to wear and dry out. This is the TANK of stretch wrappers (all chains and steel). The Revolution ST High-Speed model is well-suited for loading by either fork lift or by pallet jack with an available ramp option. The …


The Tach-It Model #5150 multi-roll electric label dispenser allows the operator to select and dispense whichever label they may need at the time. Able to hold up to 5 rolls of labels each up to 1½ inch wide, the operator simply presses the tab located in front of the label to have it fed out automatically. No special setup, training or tools are required for the model #5150. Simply plug it into the outlet, load the labels, and begin dispensing by simply holding down the tab until the label advances. Able to work on die-cut and butt cut labels, the model #5150 has an on/off switch and is fuse protected.

Machine length – 12 1/2in., width -10in., height - 6in., weight – 9 lbs.
core size – not applicable, maximum roll dia. – 7 ½in.
maximum roll width – 1 ½in.
power – 110 volts SKU:Model-5150 Your Price: $450/each. See all the models here:  Quick Pak Labelers

Pallet Floor Scale for only $690 delivered.

The Revolution 3T Pallet Floor Scale is a high quality, professional floor / pallet scale that is ideal for industrial or shipping use. Its capacity is up to 55000 Lbs, and it is accurate to within one pound of the actual weight.
*FREE SHIPPING ON THIS SCALE. Additional features include the following: • Four high quality alloy load cells ensure that the unit is completely accurate within its full load range. • Large deck measures 4 x 4 – ideal for standard pallets. 
• Easy to read indicator with large LED display – equipped with a rechargeable battery as well as a 15 foot cable to ensure safe, accurate readout.
• Tare function covers this versatile unit’s full capacity range.
• Counting function enables workers to focus fully on the job at hand rather than being overly concerned with count.  The Revolution 3T Pallet Floor Scale is available with an optional ramp. This is an excellent all-around floor scale that is easy to operate. Specifications: Scale Size: 48" (D) x 48" (W) x 4.5&quo…

Revolution Fork Truck Wheel Stop



Revolution Fork Truck Wheel Stop is designed for the Revolution line of pallet stretch wrappers.  This wheel stop will protect the stretch wrapper getting hit by the forklift every time a pallet is loaded and unloaded from the turntable.   Improve plant safety and efficiency with Revolution Fork Truck Wheel Stop by reducing the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions with the Revolution Pallet Stretch Wrapper or any other packaging equipment.  The Revolution Fork Truck Wheel Stop installs in minutes with ordinary hand tools and concrete drill. Safety fork truck wheel Stop system protect personnel, machinery, Conveyors and building structures. Specifications: 41” Long x 6" Wide x 2-5/16” High Top Angle Heavy Duty Steel Pre-Drilled with 4 Mounting Holes Powder Coated Safety Yellow Made in Florida, USA Custom colors available – charges will apply. *Will work with all Brand of stretch wrappers SKU:REVSTOP4…

Narrow Width Stretch Banding Film

HYBRID80 is a stiff formula stretch film.  HYBRiD80 Film is ideal for quickly wrapping a load without the added expense of large stretch wrap equipment. Hand wrap film is perfect for wrapping boxes, bundling small items, and pallet wrapping.
Cast Stretch film will protect your load from dirt, moisture, water, and other damages caused by the outside environment while still remaining durable and cost effective. Our Cast stretch wrap is higher clarity, for easy load identification and will release from the roll more quietly and smoothly than blown film. All of these products are made in the USA. 

Quick and cost effective load protection
Higher degree of clarity
Smooth and Quiet roll release Click here to buy now.

Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Battery powered strap tools are used for PET and heavy-duty PP strapping applications. Suitable for a wide range of vertical and horizontal strapping applications in all industrial sectors (pallet, construction materials, wood/panel board, paper, block, crates, etc.).
No more need for tensioning tool, sealer and metal seals.With friction weld seals you get 75-80% seal efficiency.All done with one tool and fast.
Easy single hand-held operation
Friction weld sealing technology
Automatic mode offers fast, one-button tensioning and sealing. The strapping cycle can be done in less than 3 seconds.
Simple adjustments for strap tension and sealing time
Easy strap threading
Ergonomic and rugged design.
More information Here:Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Packaging Equipment Service and Repair.

We know that our customers need the assurance their packaging production operations can be depended upon! That's why we have a dedicated service department, consisting of expert factory trained equipment technicians to service the many different brands of systems we carry. Quick Pak Inc feels very strongly about the importance of supporting our customers and the product solutions we provide. Consequently we offer comprehensive maintenance options designed to prevent equipment issues before they become problems.

Quick Pak Inc provides monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and yearly maintenance agreements on a wide range of packaging equipment systems. This program has many benefits that will SAVE you TIME and MONEY! ON-SITE SERVICE:Quick Pak on-site technical services are available to support your staff during both planned and unplanned maintenance tasks. Our skilled service professionals can also be used to supplement your in-house resources helping to save time and reduce costs during…


Go Full metal!!!The DP235 is the most rugged and heavy duty dispenser in Sellatape line. This is the steel frame dispenser built-to-last. Includes adjustable brakes, rubber roller, and non-slip grip.  Used for 3" wide tape. The Sellatape line of heavy duty all steel tape dispensers are by far the most durable tape guns on the market today.  Solid steel frame withstands even the roughest abuse. Natural rubber roller holds tape in place when dispensing. Superior all steel construction and adjustable brake for tension control. Available for both 2” and 3” wide tapes.  We also have the mouse trap style tape dispenser that applies the perfect amount of tension to the tape, prior to applying the tape to the carton. SKU:DP235 Your Price: $17.11/each.
Buy this taper here.

Blue Surface Protection Film

Custom Size Window Protection Film acts as a barrier of protection for windows against various elements.

It protects for up to 60 days with clean removal, leaving no residue behind. It can be used for construction, renovations, interior & exterior painting, door & window manufacturing, plastering, stucco, and brick acid washing.
Many sizes available from

Blue Surface Protection Film for Metal Surfaces.


New Quantum47 Hand Pallet Wrap


Stretch film makers announce price increase for October.

Stretch film makers announce price increase for October. Read the letters (Sigma) (AmTopp) (Paragon} (IPG) (Berry) (Western Plastics)

A major consultancy, which ultimately lowered their August PE assessment by $.03/lb, has estimated a reversal for September, already regaining that decrease. Most Polyethylene producers have nominated an additional $.03/lb increase for October, some claiming to implement their other $.03/lb increase onto September contracts. 
If Aug/Sep cancel each other out, there once again is simply a $.03/lb increase on the table.


Small, yet powerful. The Anser thermal inkjet line of printers is the definition of “big things come in small packages”.

These affordable, flexible printers come in the model that is meant to meet your application and process needs.

The right printer is available to you, whether you have a need for the solvent-based Pro-S, which can give any CIJ a run for its money, or a simple half-inch Smart printer for fast, simple coding on porous materials.

See all the models and options here: Anser Printers

Stretch Pallet Wrap Truckload Sale

In stock and ready to ship:  $53.00 per roll.  

Perform XL Machine stretch film is made of the highest quality cast stretch wrap and is able to work with all stretch wrapping machines. Machine wrapping your products increases load retention over time and provides higher puncture resistance. 
Our Cast stretch film is high clarity, making it easy to see information printed on products such as labels and barcodes. Cast film is also very quiet in comparison to blown films and will greatly reduce excess warehouse noise. 
Quiet, Reduces excess warehouse noseHighly Visable for easy IdentificationCling for added stability.

More information and to order:

Strapping and Strapping Tools at Quick Pak Inc

At Quick Pak Inc, we know you need reliable, tough strapping to keep your products safe and stable during transport. 

Our steel strapping comes in regular-duty, heavy-duty, high-tensile, and punched styles– and in portable, self-dispensing mini coils for on-the-spot jobs. 

Quick Pak Inc also provides polyester and polypropylene strapping in a variety of sizes, colors, pre-cut and buckled 17' lengths. 

We even carry the strapping tools and accessories you need from all the major brands: Acme, FROMM, Orgapack, Signode – from plastic and steel strap seals to crimpers, tensioners, and carts!  

See more here: Strapping and Tools

Mailing Tubes from Quick Pak Inc

Mailing tubes, poster tubes, and shipping tubes are the most popular choice for general-purpose mailings. Open end and crimped end (“snap seal”) mailing tubes are ideal when sending posters, art, and blueprints because they are strong and lightweight (which helps keep shipping costs low). 

Custom Mailing Tubes can be made with diameters ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches, and in any length and thickness.
Approximate lead time: 5 business days, plus shipping.
Open-end mailing tubes require end closures such as plastic plugs, paper caps, or metal plugs.  Crimped mailing tubes do not require end closures.
While plain cardboard mailing tubes are the most economical, custom colors, one color printing, and full four color printing help increase branding, product identification and command attention.
For a custom Mailing Tube quote –

Going Green With Stretch is that simple!!!

Coreless Stretch Wrap Options.  So easy to go green with coreless - every roll - you save 1 Lbs of paper core from the trash.  it's that simple.

Coreless Pallet Stretch Wrap


Green Stretch Wrap has Gone Coreless...No More Cores!!!

Did you know ?
Coreless stretch film technology is an innovation in environmental source reduction well suited for an eco-conscious consumer and organizations with sustainability goals. It is a light weight coreless hi-performance stretch film that can optimize pallet coverage with maximum load holding Better For the Environment Eliminates paperboard core, film is 100% recyclable, reduced energy consumption in transportation & storage costs Reduce Storage & Disposal Costs No cardboard core means no associated storage or disposal costs Improved Ergonomics Reusable plastic dispenser (supplied) is easily switched from one roll to the next, ending the hand burn associated with traditional cardboard cores.
Improves wrapping control. Coreless means roll weight is reduced by up to 15%, improving the user experience Freight & Warehouse Savings More rolls per pallet means lower transportation & storage costs Less Waste No wasted film left on the core. Every last foot of stretch…

Custom PE Shrink Bundling Film from Quick Pak Inc

Hit the mark...with your packaging.  Custom made Shrink Bundling Film made to order.  Three to Four week lead time on average.  Pricing is valid for standard widths SWS 14" and above. Pricing valid for 1.25 mil and above.   You’re right on target with high-performance film specifically designed for today’s shrink-bundling applications—innovative BullsEye™ High Clarity (HC) Shrink Film. Hold It Together: • BullsEye HC is a proven high-quality, high performance shrink film that has the strength to substantially reduce or completely eliminate corrugate while maintaining clarity and gloss unmatched in the market • Combined with our award winning print capabilities, BullsEye HC is the perfect solution for your bundled packaging needs • BullsEye HC shrink films are another example of our efforts to develop products that can reduce your overall film usage and therefore improve packaging sustainability. Picture This for Your Packaging • Great stiffness and abuse resistance • Low TD shrink for tight …

LLDPE Resin Pricing Falling in August 2018

The spot Polyethylene market slowed dramatically this past week, taking a heavy breather from the very busy pace seen for most of the past couple of months. Spot demand diminished greatly as buyers took a wait and see approach with regard to new orders. The 25% Chinese tariffs on HDPE and LLDPE that are scheduled to implement on August 23rd have really begun to disrupt the market, particularly in Houston, the major resin export hub.

August CDI LLDPE page.It shows $.03/lb. decrease on LLDPE.

30 Inch Wide Loadstar High Performance Cast Machine Wrap.

30" X 51GA X 9000' MACHINE FILMAmtopp's LoadStar stretch film is a highly engineered multiple-layered film with a superior premium resin formulation and is produced on AmTopp's state-of-the-art, nine-layer extrusion equipment at its world-class manufacturing facility in Texas and NC.

LoadStar performs at unsurpassed stretch levels. It exceeds 300% pre-stretch on A and B load profiles and provides consistent performance at the lowest unit cost. LoadStar features an exceptional differential cling package, with superior inside and minimal outside cling. With outstanding strength, puncture resistance and superior load-holding force, LoadStar film handles the toughest loads in any environment. LoadStar is engineered for optimum performance and total versatility. It is the perfect choice for any semi-automatic to high-speed automatic system. With superb clarity and quiet unwind, this film is ideal for any application. Part Number: ELB0512959000AM-20
54.16 Lbs Per Roll
20 Rolls P…