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Shrink Film for Wrapping Bundles of Flat Pizza Boxes

60" X .00125 X 5600' CLEAR PE SHRINK FILMCling-Tite Polyethylene shrink bundling film is a heavy duty bundling film used for heavy duty packaging applications. All shrink bundling film rolls are single wound. This means they are wound flat onto the core.
Cling-Tite Shrink bundling film can be used on semi-automatic and fully automatic shrink bundlers.  Cling-Tite was designed to wrap flat bundles of pre-printed corrugated pizza boxes.  All films are made from FDA grade virgin resins.  All rolls are individually wrapped, stacked horizontal on cradles and packed 9 rolls per pallet. 60" x .00125 x 5600' SWS CLEAR PE Shrink Film Pin Perf vented: 3" x 3" pin-perf, 3" ID core 10.77" Max roll OD 170 Lbs per roll 9 rolls per pallet stacked horizontally on cradles Pallet Weight: 1,520 lbs approx. Many sizes and colors in stock ready to ship:

Large Selection of Hotmelt Packaging Tapes From Quick Pak Inc

Large Selection of Sellatape Clear and Tan Hotmelt Packaging Tapes in Stock. SellaTape brand tapes perform in a wide range of temperatures (32 degrees - 120 degrees), SellaTape crystal clear to not interfere with exterior markings and labels, and instantly bonds to corrugated boxes and surfaces. SellaTape comes in either hand grade for manual application or machine for machines.

SellaTape water based Hotmelt carton sealing tape line is made with a special high-shear adhesive, developed specifically to meet our rigorous specifications.  Higher shear values mean greater holding power on boxes. Our Hotmelt SellaTape conform to FDA requirements for indirect food packaging.  Buy here:

Nationwide Truck Shortage

A nationwide truck shortage is forcing thousands of shippers into a tough choice: postpone all but the most important deliveries, or pay dearly to jump to the front of the line.

Michelin North America Inc. cut its daily shipments of synthetic rubber from one plant by a fifth earlier this month and is at times paying double its usual price for temperature-controlled trucks, said Eric Stuch, a logistics manager at the tire manufacturer. Meal-kit service HelloFresh SE recently enlisted one of its produce suppliers to help move shipments to the airport in a snowstorm.
Several factors have converged to overwhelm the trucking market. Freight volumes in December hit near-record levels for that time of year, on the back of a strengthening economy. Retailers are replenishing stocks after one of the strongest holiday sales seasons in recent years. Manufacturers are also shipping more cargo; in December, industrial production had the largest year-over-year gain since 2010, according to the Fede…

Plastics and Resin Pricing on the Move in 2018

Once again, prices of the five high-volume commodity resins were a mixed bag going into the first month of the New Year. Whereas PE and PVC prices had dropped, those of PP, PS, and PET had moved up. In both cases, feedstock costs were key drivers. But the winds of change were also blowing in different directions, potentially deflating PP and PS prices while lifting PVC prices back up.
Those are the views of purchasing consultants from Resin Technology Inc. (RTi), Fort Worth, Texas; Michael Greenberg, CEO of the Plastics Exchange in Chicago; and Houston-based PetroChemWire (PCW).
PE PRICES DROP Polyethylene prices were reported to have dropped by 3¢/lb in at least some cases in December, although suppliers announced no price reductions, according to Mike Burns, RTi’s v.p. of client services for PE. He said the price move was confirmed by several RTi clients. PCW said no suppliers had indicated a market-wide PE price reduction for December. The Plastics Exchange’s Greenberg reported tha…

Resin and Plastics Pricing News for Jan 2018

January 2018 CDI report for LLDPE.  CDI has reported no changes from December 2017 to January 2018.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: Chemical Data (CDI) implemented a non-market adjustment (NMA) for all grades of PE resins in January 2018. These NMAs were 22 cents for LDPE, 19 cents for LLDPE B1, and they were 21 cents per pound for our dual comonomer LLDPE Hexene & Octene (HAO) film grade resin indices.

Although CDI is reporting flat this month, it does show that the resin increase of $.04/lb. has a good chance of being implemented.
More info here:

Quick Pak Strap Bandit Strap Feeder

Strapping has been manually threaded for a century, but without the appropriate tools, users have had to make improvised sticks. But sticks are rigid, requiring workers to bend down or kneel to use them. Their blunt ends get stuck and the strap often comes loose during threading. Unlike jimmy rigged rods, and ill-conceived market solutions, Quick Pak Strap Bandit securely holds any type of plastic or corded strapping without ever getting stuck. And it can be used from a comfortable upright position.
Quick Pak MUL-SB Flexible Pallet Strap Feeder
Easiest and fastest way to thread the strap under the pallet.
Securely holds any type of plastic or corded strapping.
Saves money and backs.
Flexible, allowing use while standing.
Never gets caught on a pallet.
Made of high impact nylon with a durable and flexible polyurethane cleat and a highly flexible fiberglass rod.
Length: 71″ Head Width: 3.25” Head Height: 1.94”
Weight: 7.5 oz.
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Using Litewrapper XT Pallet Wrapping System

18" X 1500' LITEWRAPPER XTLitewrapper XT Dispenser one comes FREE with EVERY Pallet. Free Freight on this item - pallet quantity orders only. This is the only system where you can wrap a pallet by hand and have the finished pallet look like it came off an stretch wrapping machine.  Wrapped tight and all the way down on to the wood skid.  You can rope, x-wrap, crisscross over the top and sides of the pallet, all with only one hand. This Litewrapper XT is used with our CORED Litewrapper film. Benefits of the LitewrapperXT  - A patented system to wrap pallets by hand
- Walking forward, NO bending, NO back pain - NO burning hands from wrapping - Stronger & constant wrap - Film is activated by the dispenser
- Less film, less time - Wrap a pallet in less than one minute
- Less walking for a tight wrapped pallet
- No "neck down" better use of the film
- Case packed
- More pallets wrapped per roll
- Environment friendly. SKU:18" x 1500' Litewrapper XT

EZ Air Pillows in a Box

EZ AIR PACKAGING PRE-INFLATED PILLOWSPre-Inflated Air Pillows: 8” x 4” Inflated Air Pillow 1.2mil Thick Air Pillow 150 Pillows per Case 20 Cases per Pallet ** Minimum order on this item is 10 cases Securely brace your products during transit and ship clean, professional-looking packages using EZ Air Packaging Pillows! Air Pillows are lightweight, perforated for easy separation and made of nonabrasive poly which will not scratch the surface of your product. They are reusable and recyclable, with disposal requiring a low volume in landfills when deflated. Product Features: Includes 150 pre inflated air pillows which is equivalent to 2.80-cubic feet of packaging peanuts Higher damage absorption rate over paper and bubble wrap packaging products No messy loose fill to contend with Less costly void fill option over paper and bubble wrap packaging products Reusable and recyclable Product Description: Securely brace your products while in transit for ship clean, professional-looking packages. Air Pillows…

Send a Message with Custom Printed Pallet Wrap

Get Custom Printed Stretch Wrap...Now with lower minimums (1 pallet order for custom print).

Custom Printed Pallet Wrap Sends A Message: Custom printing of pallet stretch wrap with low minimums, prepaid delivery nationwide. Custom printed pallet wrap improves load appearance. Printing capacity increased: Quick Pak now offers lower minimums and faster lead times on all printed films. Advertise: Logo's, name, website, re-ordering info, etc... Safeguard Shipments: Printed message make handling requirements highly visible. "Do Not Double Stack", "Fragile", "Handle With Care", "Do Not Break Pallet", "Signature Required", "Keep Frozen" Security Appeal: Reduces risks of pilferage and tampering in storage or transit. Easily identify shipments that have been broken into or tampered with. Reduce Lost Shipments: Easier to identify pallets means carriers are less likely to misplace or lose shipments. More information and examples here:  www…

Quick Pak Inc is getting a new coat of paint this week.

New year and loads of stretch film and tape at fantastic prices - stocked and ready to ship.  More at:

Plastics Pricing News from Quick Pak Inc

Pricing News LLDPE resin still dropping Courtesy of The Plastics Exchange
LLDPE stretch resin today – estimated down 0.03c/lb
Trade Analyst December 2017

Broad-line distributors suffer significant value erosion
Amazon Business Ups Ante with Two-Day Prime. Amazon Business has announced it is launching Business Prime Shipping, a paid annual membership program for registered multi-user business customers in the United States and Germany. On the same day Grainger’s share price dropped 5.3%, Fastenal stock lost 3.6% of its value and other broad-line distributors suffered significant value erosion as well.
When they buy Uline we will see sparks fly?
Trade Reports 

Exxon Mobil Corp the world's largest publicly traded petroleum producer, posted a higher-than-expected quarterly profit today as higher crude and natural gas prices more than offset the effects of a major hurricane on U.S. operations.
Resin Business News 
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