Printed Stretch Pallet Wrap

Printed Stretch Pallet Wrap provides a cost effective medium to identify, protect and advertise your product. Many companies have taken advantage of eliminating pilferage of their product while at the same time reinforcing brand and company identification both in transit and in customer’s inventory.

Quick Pak Inc is uniquely positioned to offer custom printing with low minimums backed by years of experience. We can print a variety of widths from 2” to 20” in a range of gauges in one or two colors.

In addition we have a range of stock prints readily available in inventory (FRAGILE, RED HOT RUSH, DO NOT BREAK DOWN PALLET and many others). 

Our printed stretch pallet wrap……..TALKS!
-Prevents Theft
-Stock Prints Available
-Protects and Identifies Products
-Range of Sizes
-Helps Inventory Control
-Multi-color Custom Printing
-Saves Money (No Labels)
-Low Minimums
-Reinforces Brand Image
-Bold print for Distance Identification.


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