CDI Reports - No change in PVC or PE resin pricing in August.

The spot resin market slowed; the pace of completed transactions and the associated volumes fell below average. While done deals were well-spread amongst commodity resins and as common, the bulk was focused in the film grades. Polyethylene prices were at a minimum steady and most grades moved higher.

Polypropylene gained a cent amid spotty availability. Producers continue to pursue their August price increases; they are seeking $.03/lb for PE and they are looking to advance PP by at least $.03/lb. Resin exports out of Houston seem to be improving, with good demand coming from Latin America.

Resin requests from the Asian region have also been flowing in, spurred by their rapidly rising monomer costs, but general resin price expectations remain below workable levels for high volume incremental sales.

With CDI showing flat for August - will be hard for resin and stretch film producers to get that increase.

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