Stretch Film Pricing For November and December 2017

1)            Lead Times
a.            Huge inventory items at our warehouses in FL, GA and CA
b.            NEW order lead times are ranging 4 weeks custom, next day from stock
c.            PRODUCTION is running GREAT.
d.            Production is catching up slowly, we will be trending BETTER week to week.
e.            Estimate:  we will be dug out and back to “normal business” by mid-December
2)            MARKET UPDATE:
a.            We are at the 2017 HIGH PRICE of the market right now.
b.            Increases:  September 9th – 3-4%, now October 16th – 4-5% are in effect.  These both are HURRICANE and SUPPLY DISRUPTION related….
c.            Leading Competitors just announced a mid November 5-6% increase (3rd) --- still a long way to go for that.
d.            December outlook:  price drop “could” start end of month.  Certainly by January.

e.            2018 Outlook:  a “gradual” decline of market cost over 12 months due to massive NEW resin capacity coming on line.

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