Spare Parts for Heat Sealers

With a full range of heat sealer spare parts from Quick Pak Inc.  
  • Comprehensive spare part kits for basic and heavy duty sealers;
  • Replacement heating elements for all variants;
  • Replacement impulse heat sealer parts (elements);
  • Substitute upper and lower PTFE strips;
  • Sealing wire;
  • Spare cutting blades 
  • New handles.

Aside from basic table top variants for closing polythene packaging and lay flat tubing, we also stock heavy duty and hand held sealers so we’ve got you covered whether your needs are personal or industrial. Whichever model you choose, you will be sure to find all the heat sealer spare parts you could need at Quick Pak Inc.
See all the models here: Impulse Bag and Poly Sealers 


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