Heat Shrink Films

The most widespread shrink wrap film is low density polyethylene, more commonly referred to as polythene or PE.  The principal use to which PE is put is as a transit medium. It allows packs to be wrapped individually or collated and offers the best combination of protection and unit cost when compared with the alternatives.

PE shrink wrap packaging film is used on a vast range of products, from radiators and work surfaces to collation of cans and jars and the individual shrink packaging of cartons and products themselves, such as pizza.

Shrink wrap plastic applications do have overlap between transit and display shrink film where there is a requirement for the enhanced presentation offered by display, and equally, where the advantages of display are not required.

The shrink wrap plastic ranges do not overlap totally as a fundamental transit requirement in the normal way can be satisfied only by PE shrink wrap film.

Polyolefin shrink wrap plastics have multiple layers of PE and polypropylene (PP) and may be irradiated for extra strength, and treated for hot slip or anti-fog properties. Polyolefin shrink wrap packaging are formulated to offer a wide sealing and shrinking window so that they can be readily used on manual, semi and fully automatic shrink wrapping machinery.

Polyolefin shrink plastic is extremely versatile so they are the first choice when using display shrink films; PO shrink plastic will generally offer an excellent solution to a shrink film requirement.

PVC shrink wrap plastic shrink films have been largely replaced by Polyolefin (PO) shrink films. 

PVC shrink films have particularly easy sealing and shrinking features but they are inferior to PO shrink films in the areas of strength, low temperature flexibility and equipment maintenance requirement. PVC shrink wrap plastic continues to be used on very flexible packs, particularly heat sensitive products and, generally, on older equipment.

PVC shrink wrap film is also used with less plasticizer in the form of semi-rigid shrink film where it can be used to substitute BOPP overwrap film, but with the additional benefit of a shrink wrap finish.

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