Coreless Machine Grade Stretch Wrap

Introducing “GreenCore Coreless“ Machine Length Stretch Wrap by Quick Pak Inc.

Machine Length Rolls without a Cardboard Core is a greener solution to stretch wrapping needs. All the performance of a standard stretch film, but less waste by virtue of the fact that it is coreless. 

Highly versatile GreenCore Coreless stretch film can be used to wrap a wide variety of loads.
No core means less waste to dispose of saving time, money and effort.

Helps to meet the requirements of the Packaging Waste Regulations

GreenCore Coreless Machine Film is supplied with special Inserts that allows the Coreless machine rolls to work on any stretch wrapping machine.

The GreenCore coreless technology reduces carbon content in packaging and minimizes disposal issues, resulting more environmentally friendly film and cost cuts for the entire supply chain.

The average core on standard machine grade stretch film is 2 Lbs approx.  Every pallet of GreenCore removes 40 cores (88 Lbs of cardboard).  

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