Quick Paks Stretch Wrapping films

Quick Pak Inc Stretch films. We’ve got quality, reliability and performance all wrapped up.

Goods come in many shapes and sizes. At Quick Pak Stretch films, we have an extensive range of pallet stretch wrap to package, protect and secure just about any product type in a host of industries. 

We continuously stock the latest stretch films to offer our customers an innovative and diverse portfolio that delivers cost-effective, greener products of the highest quality.

Complementing our industrial stretch wrap products is our established range of colored and custom printed stretch films for product identification and security. 

Developed to meet the most demanding working conditions and environments, our films provide uncompromising strength and durability as well as ease and consistency in application. Whatever your requirements of a film are, we can offer a reliable solution fully backed by the technical expertise of an experienced team.

Major Markets:
Logistics, Agriculture, Retail, Food & Drink, Packaging and Manufacturing.

Major Products:
Cast Machine Film, Blown Machine Film, Blown Hand Film, Cast Hand Film, Pallet Top Sheets, Colored and Printed Stretch Film.

More information:  www.quickpakinc.com


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