Clear Packaging Tape for $0.78/roll Delivered (2" x 2mil x 110yd)

Quick Pak Inc carry a wide range of acrylic carton sealing and packaging tapes for different packaging applications and budgets. 

Acrylic carton sealing tape is crystal clear to not interfere with exterior markings and labels, and will instantly bond to corrugated boxes and surfaces.

Acrylic carton sealing tapes perform in a wide range of temperatures (32 degrees - 120 degrees).

Acrylic carton sealing tapes by Quick Pak Inc are in stock and ready to ship. 

Special Pricing:  $28.00/case (.78 per roll) delivered on pallet quantities
2” x 2.0 mil x 110yd, 36 rolls per case, 90 cases per pallet.

For more information or to order:

Quick Pak Inc
PH: 813 242 6995


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