Industrial Heavy Grade Bubble Wrap Packaging

Quick Pak’s Industrial Heavy Grade Bubble Packaging product is an effective, lightweight solution to help shield items from impact, abrasion and other damage incurred during shipping and handling. 

Added benefits include reduced package weight, improved appearance and increased customer satisfaction.

Quick Pak Inc offers a variety of bubble products that include roll, sheet, and bag formats—plus anti-static and eco-sensitive choices—to address specific packaging requirements. Select from bubble height, roll size, perforation, slit and other options depending on your void fill, cushioning or surface protection needs.

Quality bubble products are an essential packaging material for a wide range of industry applications, including internet fulfillment, parts packaging and distribution centers.

Engineered with high quality resins, Quick Pak’s Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Bubble Wrap Cushioning is the best on the market.  Made in the USA and made with a Heavy Duty nylon barrier layer for maximum air retention. 

Our Bubble Wrap will protect your fragile and valuable products during long trip cycles. It is available in:

Small Bubbles (3/16")-best for wrapping small or lightweight items and interleaving

Medium Bubbles (5/16")-provides cushioning and/or void fill for medium weight products

Large Bubbles (1/2")-General purpose bubble that is typically used for void fill

Make sure your products are protected by using a heavy weight bubble wrap. Light weight bubble 
wrap losses air during shipping and could result in damaged products.

More information and pricing here at:

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