Custom Printed Bags and Films

Quick Pak Inc offers state of the art printing and converting operations.

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Quick Pak Inc specialize in providing solutions that help food producers to maximize their sales – irrespective of whether the products involved are potatoes, fresh produce, bakery goods or frozen foods.

In line with this, we have high performance films that give trouble free running on modern packaging lines and that then go on to deliver a level of protection that can extend your products’ shelf life. As form is just as important as function in today’s highly competitive retail environments, these films also offer superb print qualities to ensure maximum on-shelf standout - helping to attract your customers’ attention and encouraging them to buy.

For those applications where the desired performance cannot be achieved with simple structures, Quick Pak Inc can meet your needs with a comprehensive range of laminates using various combinations of webs including polyester. Plus, we continue to embrace the latest packaging developments, such as modified atmosphere and compostable packaging, to ensure our customers enjoy an edge over their competitors.

Major Markets:  Fresh Produce, Bakery, Nuts & Dried Fruits, Mail Orders & Courier, Frozen, Specialty & Fast Foods and Printed Collation Shrink wrap.

Major Products:  Wicketted Polythene Bags, Lamination Solutions, Self-Seal Polythene Bags, Printed Polythene & Polypropylene Rolls and Modified Atmosphere Packaging

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