Printing on Corrugated Boxes and the Different Method

Flexo Line:  The most basic type of printing on corrugated. Allows the addition of company or package content info to the surface of the box, at a relatively low cost. Graphics tend to be basic line art and text, utilizing between 1 and 3 colors.

Flexo Process:  Used for higher end graphics utilizing the 4 process colors. It provides a stronger visual impact, and enables photo quality images to be used. Because 4 color print plates are required, the total print plate costs tend to be more expensive than Flexo Line. Minimum run quantities tend to be much higher than Flexo line. 

Flood Coated:  Allows the use of a solid 100% coverage of color. Most commonly used with POP displays and packaging for retail applications. Flood coats can be applied with stock print plates, so die costs are not an expense for the client.

Label Laminate:  Achieved by gluing printed sheets to the outer surface of the corrugated material. Enables the application of a glossy process color (photo quality) image, and is a reasonable cost option for low to medium quantity runs. Label size is limited by the maximum sheet size of most commercial presses (28" x 40"). It provides a clean professional appearance that looks comparable to high end packaging similar to that used with software and electronics. Labels can be applied as a 100% coverage, or as a spot label in conjunction with other Flexo line printing.

Screen Print:   Another way of applying graphic intensive images directly to the outer surface of the corrugated package. This process is most commonly used for POP displays and retail packaging applications, and can be more cost effective is short run quantities. Size limitations are larger than label laminate, and color combinations greater than 4 are possible.

Litho Laminate:  Provides a similar finished product as label laminate, but requires much higher minimum runs (typically 10-20K). The printed surface is actually part of the packaging material, as opposed to label laminate which is added manually.

Preprint:  Providing a similar finished product to Flexo process, this process involves the client purchasing preprinted rolls of paper that are used in manufacturing linerboard. It requires very high volume runs, and a significant upfront investment by the client, but can be a cost effective way to apply impactful graphics at those quantities. Most commonly used in the food and beverage industry, like beer cases and mandarin orange boxes.

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