Coreless Pallet Stretch Wrap

HYBRiD Plus 3 Coreless hand film increases wrapping productivity, reduces waste, enhances employee safety, and lowers total pallet wrapping costs. HYBRiD Plus 3 Coreless film Necks Down Less, thus significantly decreasing the number of revolutions to wrap a pallet, and HYBRiD Plus 3 Coreless continues to contract around the load even after you have finished wrapping.

Through the HYBRiD Plus 3 coreless manufacturing process, we reinforce the edges of the film so that, the roll completely unwinds, No more throwing away unusable rolls. HYBRiD Plus 3 coreless is light weight and easy to use, plus, the most important part HYBRiD Plus 3 Coreless saves you money, because you just use less film!

Our stretch film has a great variety of applications.

Why Coreless Plus3?

Advantages of development
The main advantages of the HYBRiD Plus3 innovation to the end user can be summarized as:
  • Reduced weight of the product when hand wrapping
  • Reduced weight and volume of the product for shipping
  • Reduced environmental costs due to removal of cores
  • Reduced storage space due to smaller product and packaging
  • No loss of performance
  • Reduced storage costs, no need to store cores
  • Reduce transport costs.
  • Less trash and waste going into the landfill.
The Coreless Plus3 roll itself will not immediately displace existing technologies, but rather complement them. Coreless Plus3 has significant environmental advantages in not using cardboard or plastic cores and so removing the costs and environmental problems of waste disposal

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