How to Pack a Box

How to Pack a Box like a Pro!

Here are four simple steps to help ensure your shipment contents are secure. All you need to do is Box, Cushion, Label and Seal. Let’s get started.

1. Box
Match your box to the size and weight of your item(s). Use double-walled boxes for heavier items. If reusing a box, remove all old labels, and make sure it's high-quality, with no holes, tears, or dents.

2. Cushion
Choose cushioning with enough density to keep items from shifting. Bind printed material together. Wrap and tape all sharp or protruding edges.

3. Label
Firmly secure the label on the package's largest surface. For pouches, peel off the strip and seal the flap. Put a copy of the label inside and write pertinent shipper/recipient details on the inner package flap.

4. Seal
With your box properly packed, apply at least three strips of packing tape (no duct or masking tape) that is at least 2" wide evenly across all flaps and seams, top and bottom, using the H taping method.

Done and ready to ship. 

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