Resin Prices on the Move Down for August!

BUSIER FOR LLDPE "resin markets were busy, offerings were plentiful and prices were pressured (down)."

LLDPE SET FOR FURTHER RELIEF "Polyethylene producers have lowered August contracts by $.03/lb, some processors feel the decrease should be a nickel - perhaps additional relief will be provided later this month or for September."

OVERSEAS PE SALES STRONG "PE Producers remain proactive with their export prices, staying competitive to maintain open channels to international markets."

PE COSTS DOWN "Ethylene prices shed chunks at a time and ultimately wiped away an astounding 25% of its value, just in this week alone."

LLDPE PRICE SEES DOWNSIDE AHEAD "Polyethylene trading improved substantially while most commodity grades slipped another cent. A $.03/lb decrease for August contracts was issued by almost all producers, but there is likely more room to the downside."

More pricing information here:

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