1404 Double Coated Tape Repair Pads

1404 D/C TAPE PADS: 1" X 6"

Double-coated tape pads that have all the convenience and benefits of pocket pads plus the aesthetics that a hidden seal has to offer. 15 sheets of double-coated tape on a single pad.

Cleanly preserves the image of cartons by leaving no evidence of repair. It replaces hot glue and ATG guns which take time, are messy, and can cause burns.

Major beverage companies have approved this for quality assurance and recouping product in loss control. This tape can be used for gift wrapping, displays, assembly and fulfillment jobs, and any area where pre-measured pieces of double-faced tape are needed.

No need for a dispenser!


15 Sheets per Pad.

300 Pads Per Case.

4,500 Pads Per Case.

SKU:1404 D/C Tape Pads: 1" x 6"

Your Price:$170.00/case

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