Chem Data (CDI) Reports a $0.5 Cents per Lbs Drop in August

LLDPE RESIN SALES BRISK "resin markets continued to transact at a rapid rate,"

PE FALLS "prices, which had been consistently falling for weeks on end, mostly held steady at lower levels. Nearly all PE producers have lowered their August contract prices by $.03/lb, although there are still widespread calls for a larger decrease."

RESIN COSTS DOWN "Oct Natural Gas futures skidded 5%"

LLDPE LOWER AHEAD "The Polyethylene market saw good activity, the flow of offers was heavy; consequently, most PE grades are readily available at discounted prices."

PE PRODUCER RESISTANCE "Resin producers have long resisted the call for a larger price decrease; although it is getting late in the month, it is still possible and if not in August, it should come in September."
Trade Reports August 2015


August Pricing and Chem Data Report (CDI) is showing Down 5 cents per Lbs  

LLDPE down 5c/lb

PVC down 1c/lb

Market analyst issues August benchmark report

More info on pricing here:

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