FREE Revolution Power Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapper with 200 roll Film Order

You are buying 200 rolls (4 Pallets) of High Performance  Cast Machine Film

20" x 63ga x 5000' / 50 rolls per pallet.

200 rolls @ $59.00/Roll = $11,800 Total and you get the Revolution PS: Power Pre-Stretch Wrapper FREE of Charge.

Quick Pak is proud to introduce our new value priced semi automatic power pre-stretch pallet wrapper. This price competitive workhorse will give you years of trouble free operation.

It will alleviate the problems associated with poorly hand wrapped pallets.

The Revolution PS  represents a totally advanced design with reliable technology in a sleek efficient frame to give you a rugged machine of unmatched quality.

The Revolution PS was designed to convert the hand wrap user over to wrapping pallets by machine.

Revolution TM Low Profile Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Power Requirements:          115V / 1Ph / 15A dedicated service

Maximum Load Size:           50” W x 50” L x 88” H

Maximum Load Weight:      4000 Lbs dynamic

Turntable:                            59” diameter laser-cut steel plate
                                            16 point cam-follower support system

Turntable height:                  3.5” from floor
                                             Safety surround ring encloses turntable

Turntable Drive:                   12-RPM rotational speed
                                             1 HP AC variable speed motor
                                             ANSI #50 direct chain drive c/w shock dampener

Film Delivery:                       200% Power Pre-Stretch film delivery system

Film Capacity:                      20" Wide Performance Cast Film

Control Features:                 Simple to operate
                                             LCD Screen and PLC
                                             Single button automatic cycle start
                                             Emergency stop button
                                             Variable film carriage speed/carriage pause control
                                              Variable turntable speed control
                                              Auto load height detection photo-eye

Other Features:                    All heavy-duty steel construction
                                             1,500 Lbs shipping weight

Environment Conditions:      Humidity 98%

Temperature range:             38F – 102F

Noise:                                    75 DB

Options:                                 Heavy-duty steel ramp for pallet jack (41.5”W x 59”L)