Stock Boxes from Quick Pak Inc

Along with offering our customers innovative stock cardboard boxes and custom corrugated cardboard boxes, we also offer a wide variety of stock cardboard packaging.

Stock box solutions have proven to provide customers with the benefits of exceptional durability, great pricing, quick turnaround and delivery, as well as compatibility to your product and shipping needs.

Our corrugated stock containers are housed in all three of our major locations, giving our customer base ease of quick turnaround times when they need packaging supplies in a hurry.

Quick Pak’s stock boxes are available in a large variety of sizes, ready to ship to you at a moment’s notice. Our inventory of stock cardboard boxes and packaging consist of bubble pack mailers/envelopes and RSC stock cartons in multiple sizes.

In addition to having these items on hand at all times, we also offer our customers a vast variety of packaging supplies such as mailing tubes, 3M products, shrink films and much more.

You can view our total inventory of stock boxes and other packaging supply items online at:


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