Amtopp's Loadstar PS SeriesHand Wrap

15" X 30GA X 1476' HAND WRAP (Bulk)

Amtopp's Loadstar PS SeriesHand Wrap.  Highly engineered premium PRESTRETCHED hand film uniquely formulated with superior puncture properties to grasp and hold corners on “C” loads. Unrivaled load-holding force, cling, clarity and unchallenged neck-down for maximum load surface coverage. 
It Reduces film weight/load by as much as 40% versus traditional hand films for lower cost/load and ultimate cost savings. Ergonomically designed light-weight rolls are mechanically prestretched for operator safety and increased productivity by reducing operator fatigue, stress and labor intensity.
Part Number: PSB0301501476AM-168P

2.66 Lbs Per Roll

168 Rolls Per Pallet (BULK PACKED)

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SKU: 15" x 30ga x 1476' Pre-Stretch Hand Wrap
Your Price: $4.30/roll delivered.

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