Resin and Plastics Pricing in July

LLDPE BACK TO NORMAL "resin trading activity picked back up to a more normal pace. Falling energy and feedstock costs, in both the North American and International arenas, are beginning to negatively impact the resin markets"

PE RESIN WEAKNESS "Concern about the strength of the Chinese economy and associated turmoil in Asian equity markets, the Iranian nuclear deal, as well as uncertainty regarding Greece’s position in the EU have added to global resin market weakness."

MARKET DYNAMICS I "Natural Gas ended the week at $2.77/mmBtu, down about a nickel."

LLDPE BUSIER "The Polyethylene market was busy, availability improved and prices were down $.01-.02/lb, with the film grades giving back the most. The export market has slowed significantly"

WILL LLDPE WEAKEN THIS MONTH "Weak energy, feedstock and export markets are stymying producer efforts to implement their $.05/lb price increase for July contracts, several have officially pushed off the increase to August, and some market participants believe that even holding prices flat this month could be a challenge."
Trade Reports July 2015
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