AmTopp EH Series X-Treme Cast Machine Film

20" X 55GA X 8000' MACHINE FILM

AmTopp EH Series X-Treme film's differential cling provides excellent inside cling and reduced outside cling, making the film ideal for many one-sided cling applications. The film's quiet unwind and clarity makes AmTopp X-Treme stretch film the ideal choice in any automated operation environment.

X-Treme stretch film is a High Performance Plus machine film. Designed for use on high-speed automatic stretch wrapping equipment, the AmTopp X-Treme EH film renders the extra stretch and strength needed in fully automated operations. In addition, the film's high clarity allows bar-code scanning at any stage of handling.

Part Number: EHB0552008000AM-40

35.2 Lbs Per Roll

40 Rolls Per Pallet

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SKU:20" x 55ga x 8000' EH Machine Film

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