Inteplast AmTopp Stretch Film announcement of a Sept 1st price increase at 4%.

Increase:             On Friday September 1st / Orders Placed.

What is driving this increase:  It’s the RESIN COMPANIES pushing for a series of what they classify as a supply based (tight supply) market resin cost increases.  They are actually pushing for 2 increases (back to back).

AmTopp felt compelled and responsible to provide written notice to customers, just in case.
Please place your orders for your September film needs IN ADVANCE of this announced Sept. 1st increase.

***** Notes on this increase *****

Only AmTopp, Intertape and MalPack have announced this Sept 1st price increase.

The other 4 major stretch producers chose NOT to follow and announce this increase.

This increase has a REAL POSSIBLITY to get DELAYED or even CANCELLED.  Probably delayed.

CDI resin index publishes this Friday August 25th we will know then about this increase status.

I will send an update on this increase status.

Please look at your film needs and place film orders prior to next Friday Sept 1st, better to be safe.
Order your SEPT film requirements in advance of this Sept 1st increase.
IF you have a special, key customer and need an updated special product or price please call us. 

The long term price outlook (FORECASTS) are all pointing to a general price decline over the next 18 months.

What is supposed to drive that gradual price decline is an ABUNDANCE of new resin capacity / supply.

View: resin companies are focused on PROFIT and they are pushing this increase to keep prices UP and delay the eventual side in resin prices over the next 18 months.

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