Best Bubble Wrap

This guide will help you choose the best size of bubble wrap to protect the items that you package and ship.

First, a couple of comments on the way that bubble wrap is sized.  Bubble wrap comes in four (4) standard sizes;  1/8", 3/16", 5/16", and 1/2".  The size refers to the height of the bubble and not the diameter.  1/8" is a less common size and it is called "super small" bubble.  3/16" is called small, 5/16" is medium, and 1/2" is called large bubble.  Common retail roll widths are 12" and 24" and the rolls are typically perforated every 12".

If you are packaging delicate, fragile items then wrap your items with super small or small bubble wrap or put the item into a pouch made from small bubble.  Click here for pouches made from small bubble wrap.

For increased protection wrap the item with several layers of bubble and tape it into place.  Always wrap the top of the bubbles against your item for the best protection.  Click here for bubble wrap.

For less fragile, medium / larger items then medium bubble wrap is your best option.  Again, wrap the bubble cap against the item for the most protection.

Large bubble wrap is the most economical for filling up void space inside a box.  It is more economical than peanuts and your customers will like it better too.

Often the best protection is obtained by using more than one size of bubble wrap.  For example, you may wrap a small, fragile item with small bubble wrap then fill the space inside the box with large bubble wrap.  Click here for shipping boxes.

Finally, keep in mind that bubble wrap is not the best product if your items requires scratch protection.  If you require scratch protection then a lighter gauge packaging foam will be your best option.  For fragile items that also require scratch protection then a thicker packaging foam will provide both scratch protection and cushioning.  Click here for packaging foam.

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