Speed Up Your Packaging Line With Automation

As a Plant or Operations manager, your objectives center on plant performance. As business grows, upgrading your packaging machines can help drive greater efficiency and reduce labor costs. With the several pieces to your packaging line puzzle, you may wonder if there is an ideal and universal machine upgrade that will give you the most benefit.


There is no specific packaging machine that we can recommend upgrading first that is an ideal solution for every packaging line. It is completely dependent upon the application. The best way to go about this decision is to upgrade the area of your line that hurts the most. Audit your line and identify the machine that causes the most downtime, re-wraps, overtime, or repetition by the operator.


If you are working with manual packaging on your line, could you automate that process to increase throughput and utilize the operator in a more productive location on your floor? If you have someone manually placing items in a package, like instructions for a game, a friction feeder investment may run $10,000. This would pay for itself rather quickly on a busy packaging line.

Maybe you have an employee hand-wrapping your pallets. If you have many pallet loads to wrap each week, you could see significant savings by automating with a semi-automatic stretch wrapper.

No matter what items you are packaging, you will find the answer to your next upgrade with a comprehensive packaging line audit. Find your area of greatest opportunity, and start automating there. 
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