The SuperSealer makes it easy to apply shrink wrap to your products. It is easy to give your products a professional quality look with a quick application of shrink film using the SuperShrink™ machine. There are currently over 150,000 SuperSealers™ sealers in use today worldwide. Our shrink wrap machine carries UL, ULC and CE approvals as well as an industry leading two year warranty. Just about any product can be shrink wrapped--such as:
  • Books - Protect book covers and pages from getting ripped and damaged by shrink wrapping them before delivery.
  • CD's and DVD's - Protect and cover your media discs from theft by shrink wrapping the case.
  • Pamphlets - Carrying and delivering pamphlets has never been easier when they are pre-wrapped for convenience.
  • Overwrap boxes and packaging - Protect your contents from spilling or breaking with shrink wrap.
Our portable SuperSealer™ shrink wrap machine is easy to use and requires no assembly. Just plug it in and you're ready to wrap. It's lightweight, sleek and is built to last.

Your Price: $359.  Buy Now!


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