FREE Revolution Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

For as little as $4,990 you and your company can soon be the proud owners of a Revolution ST Pallet Wrapper and start benefitting from cheaper wrapping costs (compared to hand wrap) from the first day it arrives on site.  It even comes with your first pallet of stretch machine film Free of charge. 

Let’s look at the cost to you:

FREE Pallet 20” x 5000’ (40 rolls) HYB2050 Machine Stretch Wrap = Value $1500

Machine cost to you: $4,990 - $1500 = $3,500/approx.

That works out to $67/week for 12 months – that’s under $10 a day. 

Why would you continue to wrap pallets by hand and suffer doing so?  

For less than a cup of coffee a day you have a wrapper that you own and free film.   What are you waiting for?     

Or you can get the machine free with film order (200 rolls).  Your buying the film from someone already – why not get the machine free.  Our film will still be cheaper than your current supplier.    


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