Edge Crush Test on Corrugated Box

The Edge Crush Test is simply a method used to determine the "stacking" or "crushing" of a piece of corrugated board. The test is conducted to determine the force that will crush a container board standing on an edge. 

The ECT will determine the probable compression strength of the container made from the board.

Types of Construction

Single ECT 23 = Load Limit Lbs 20
Single ECT 26 = Load Limit Lbs 35
Single ECT29 = Load Limit Lbs 50
Single ECT 32 = Load Limit Lbs 65
Single ECT 36 = Load Limit Lbs 75
Single ECT 42 = Load Limit Lbs 80
Single ECT 44 = Load Limit Lbs 95

Double-Wall ECT 48 = Load Limit Lbs 100
Double-Wall ECT 51 = Load Limit Lbs 120
Double-Wall ECT 61 = Load Limit Lbs 140

More information here at: www.quickpakinc.com


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