Corrugated Box Construction

Quick Pak Inc provides you with the option of choosing between single and double-wall cardboard construction.

Single Wall is the most common corrugation material - it simply consists of 1 layer of whatever flute type you choose. Under normal circumstances, single wall construction will be sufficient as they are offered from 23ECT to 44ECT.

Double Wall construction, also known as 'heavy duty' corrugation material is used for heavy or large objects. A Double wall consists of 2 layers of flutes, usually 1 layer of B and 1 layer of C. They are around 35% stronger than the regular single wall corrugation type. Quick Pak Inc offers double wall cardboard boxes from 44ECT to 61 ECT.

Flute Types

B Flute: 42 -50 1/8" = Good cushioning, stacking & printing

C Flute: 39-43 11/64" = Good stacking, strength & crushing resistance

E Flute: 94 1/16" = Greatest crush resistance & printing surface

BC Flute: Double Wall = Very Thick Can hold very large & heavy items

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