CORELESS Pallet Wrap - The Benefits!

Quick Pak’s dedication to product development has resulted in us offering our latest stretch film products now WITHOUT the cores.

Using the latest film winding technology, we are now able to offer our customers this innovative coreless option. Ultimately designed to drastically reduce waste, this cost saving solution also assists in shrinking packaging costs!

Key advantages of this CORELESS film option to consider include:

Overall product weight reduction – health and safety “in use” benefits

Environmental advantages due to no cores being used.

No additional storage costs for used cores

No disposal costs for used cores

Simple and easy to use with a reusable applicator.

Lighter product to use resulting in quicker wrapping of pallets

Did you know?
Switching to Quick Pak’s coreless can save you the following cardboard from your waste stream:

10 pallets per month - reduction of 20 ton per annum!!

A major supermarket has recently converted their stretch wrapping operations in their DC`s to use the latest Coreless stretch film, saving on both cost and environmental impact.

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