Super Cast Stretch Wrap

Optimum transport protection with Super Cast Stretch Film

Choose the right stretch film for the optimum load stability/transport protection. We guarantee lowest possible price per pallet without compromising with load integrity.

Our extensive knowledge of stretch wrapping films combined with our high quality Revolution 
Stretch wrapping machines provides you with the best possible wrapping solution. Machine and film kept together as one – leaving no room for mistakes.

We select a stretch film which is strong enough to withstand the handling by people and machinery during transportation. Our selected films are designed with the optimum balance between elasticity and holding force which is critical in obtaining the right load stability.

Super Cast Stretch Films are well suited for applications where pallet loads encounter stress during shipment. Super Cast Stretch Films are available transparent as well as in colors and can be printed to give good brand exposure and thus improved marketability. 

Whether displayed in retail warehouses or transported on open trucks, super cast stretch wrapping provides a clear view of product name and logo allowing you to seize brand awareness.

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