Printed Carton Sealing Tape

Create your own custom branded packing tape.  Using custom printed packaging tape printed with your business logo or information is the perfect way to brand products or boxes you are shipping to clients or customers.  

Available in white or clear material, this tape has a strong adhesive that will stick great to any surface and will securely seal your packages.

Custom printed packaging tape is a practical and affordable way to get your branding or logo in front of your customers. Use the custom printed tape to seal any outgoing boxes or products you ship to clients. The branded tape will give your business a more professional and legitimate appeal while securely holding the box or package closed. 

Customized packing tape also helps against theft and with security and can be printed with handling and care instructions.

Custom Printed packing tape is available in 2 inch or 3 inch widths, and in lengths of 55 yards or 110 yards, allowing you to choose the size and quantity that works best for your packaging needs. 

Minimum order for custom printed tape is 2 cases.

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